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May 06, 2020Best In Tents

An event tent is a perfect addition to any outdoor event, large or small. They provide shelter from harsh weather conditions and look fantastic in any setting. The blank-slate venue a party tent offers is hard to beat, but it can feel overwhelming to decorate. With so many event tent accessories and options, you may not know which to choose for your event. If this is you, don’t worry - we’re here to help!

Accessories for tents

At American Tent, we have helped countless customers throw amazing outdoor parties and accessorize their event tents. We’ve compiled the list of our favorite party tent accessories, so keep reading to learn how to throw a gorgeous outdoor event!


Your opportunities are nearly endless when it comes to decorating your event tent. Whether you’re throwing a themed party, elegant wedding, or corporate event, you’ll find event tent accessories to fit your style. Here are the accessories you can’t forget to include in your event tent: 


One of the easiest, and often most cost-effective ways to accessorize a rental tent is by incorporating lighting wherever you can. It’s a good practice, in general, to add lighting to your tent, as most outdoor events run into the evening. Even if you’re planning a daytime gathering, a rainy day can make it dark and you’ll be glad for extra lighting for your guests.

The additional benefit of lighting is that it instantly transforms your space. Because most rental tents are a basic white color, you can choose any type of lighting to add to the tent and it will look perfect and will reflect well. Classic yellow lighting can create a dreamy, starlit aesthetic, blues and greens will create a cool tone, and reds, yellows, and oranges can all create a dramatic ambiance difficult to achieve otherwise.

The best part of using lighting as an accessory is that it can fit into any budget. String lights can be purchased for insanely cheap at stores and online, and create a beautiful decoration when hung around the top of tents and across tables. If you have a bigger budget, you can rent industrial colored lights to transform the entire space. No matter what, don’t forget the lighting!

Tent accessories


Drapery is an accessory that not every tent event needs, but will add a dramatic flare to the inside of your tent. While your tent will already have a canvas cover to serve as the ceiling, extra drapery can be added by hanging up yards of fabric from the top of the tent. This adds an elegant look and takes your venue to the next level.

There are all kinds of drapery that can be added to rental tents. Thick silk material, sheer batting or tule, or whatever other fabric fits the look you’re hoping to achieve. The fabric can then be draped in any number of ways.

For a less expensive option, a few fabric swaths can be hung in lines from the ceiling, simply to add dimension. For a more costly option that will transform your entire tent, the fabric can be hung across the entire ceiling, dipping in certain places and creating an airy look that flows through your tent. Just know that, whatever option you choose, adding drapery can be tricky, and you’ll be best off if you use the help of an expert to get the fabric placed and hung just right.


Not all outdoor events need flooring. Corporate picnics and other daytime, casual events generally provide a large rental tent with no flooring. This provides a laid-back feel for guests, as they’ll most likely be on grass, and this can provide an extra level of aesthetic as well.

For more formal events, though, like weddings, flooring is recommended. Not only does it make space look more put-together, but you and your guests will be thankful that they won’t have to spend the entire day on the uncovered ground. Leaving the grass open in your tent will increase the chances of bugs, will make it more difficult to secure tables and large fixtures, and will be a hazard for anyone wearing heels that may sink into the ground.

Getting flooring for your tent should be relatively simple, as most tent rental companies provide this service for an additional price, or will know a company who can. You don’t have to choose the best-looking flooring either, as your guests will be more focused on your other decorations.

Tent with accessories

Dance Floor

Whether you already have flooring for your rental tent, or you’re planning on a casual option without, a dance floor is a must for your tent event! There’s nothing that says fun like a dance floor, and providing one for your event will encourage your guests to let loose and have an amazing time.

You might think that if you already have flooring inside your tent, you don’t need to provide an additional dance floor. This isn’t necessarily true, however. Dance floors are often made with different material that is more appropriate for, you guessed it, dancing, and can hold its own when it comes to dozens of wedding guests jumping around to your awesome playlist.

Like flooring, incorporating a dance floor into your event should be relatively simple. Ask your tent rental company if they provide a dance floor for an additional cost, or see if your DJ or band could do so. The dance floor doesn’t have to be fancy or special for your guests to keep moving all night.


Having a stage within your rental tent isn’t quite a necessity, but it can provide a lot of options for you in terms of decorating, seating, and more. At nearly every outdoor event, there will be a speech, announcement, or special something to keep guests entertained. What better way to build anticipation and draw your guests’ attention to the entertainment than with a stage?

Additionally, some DJs and bands require a stage to perform and set up their equipment, so it’s definitely something worth looking into. You can think outside the box when you have a stage as well. Some couples even use stages for their table at their wedding, so everyone attending can see the happy couple.

Heating/Air Conditioning

One of the fastest ways to annoy your guests and lose their interest is forgetting their comfort. No one is going to have any fun at an event if they are uncomfortable, no matter how beautiful and fun it is. For this reason, it’s essential to ensure you have proper cooling and/or heating for your event.

Summer events need air conditioning, whether that comes in the form of industrial-sized fans or a/c units. There also needs to be cool places to keep the beverages so your guests aren’t drinking room-temperature drinks. Even if your event isn’t in summer, it’s still a good idea to have a few things on hand to cool your guests, as any tent full of people is bound to get a little hot.

Tent lighting

On the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s a good idea to get a few heating sources as well. You never know what kind of weather might role in during your event, and it can get cold quickly and without warning. Even if you don’t have heating units throughout the whole tent, make sure there are a few places your guests can go to warm up when needed.


Finally, another simple accessory that can take your tent to the next level is sidewalls. These canvas walls are usually available from your tent rental company and fit your tent so that instead of being open, it will be a more enclosed space. Not only will this help you regulate the temperature of your event, but it will make it feel much more formal and elegant.

Sidewalls can be see-through, have small windows, or be completely closed-off. This way, you can choose how you want your tent to feel. Incorporating sidewalls can also make it much easier to add other elements as well. Lighting will reflect off the walls, flowers and greenery can be draped from ceiling to floor, and decorations can be added to enhance the look of your event.

Installation Tools

Decorations aren’t the only party tent accessories you need to throw an amazing outdoor event. You will also need the proper tools to set up your event tent. Here are the tools we suggest to make setting up your tent a breeze.

Frame Tent Jack

Tent Frame Jacks

Tent jacks are a useful event tent accessory that will make setting up a medium-to-large frame tent much easier. Jacks help you easily lift the canopy and frame of your tent and get it in place. This means a smaller crew can assemble your event tent, saving your money and making the setup process much easier. 

Stake Driver

Stakes can be quite the pain to properly secure when finishing setup for your party tent. Stake drivers make this process easier than ever, without any of the hassles. These are a great tool to have, especially when setting up a large party tent with a lot of stakes. 

Stake Puller 

Another stake-themed party tent accessory is the stake puller, helping to make the take-down process much easier. As its name suggests, stake pullers make removing stakes from the ground fast and easy. Not only do they save time and hassle, but they help keep your stakes from being bent as well. 

Stake Pullers for Event Tent

Tent Center Pole Lift Plate

Putting up a large pole tent can be difficult when it comes time to raise the heavy poles. A center pole lift plate makes putting the center pole into position much easier. Along with a winch, this event tent accessory can mean getting the tent pole up in seconds, instead of wrestling with it for twenty minutes. 

Safety Accessories 

Finally, you will want to ensure everyone at your event is safe and secure. While the most important safety step is properly securing your tent, there are other safety accessories that can help. Here are the event tent safety accessories we recommend.

Emergency Exit Sign

People tend to panic when there is an emergency, especially if that emergency is a fire in a small space. In the case of a fire at your event, you’ll want to make it easy for guests to know where to go. An emergency exit sign will point guests in the right direction and help get everyone out as fast as possible.

Wind Alarm

Even the most secure event tents have a chance of becoming dislodged and dangerous for those nearby in strong winds. Having a wind alarm at your event ensures that you and your guests will be informed if winds become too strong. You’ll also have a better chance of getting your tent taken down and secure before high winds can damage the canopy or frame. 

Fire Extinguisher

From candles tipping over to a caterer’s food heater catching fire on linen, there are many ways small fires can occur in an event tent. You’ll be able to respond to fires quickly and efficiently with a fire extinguisher in your event tent. 


Accessorizing your event tent helps transform the space into a style suitable for any outdoor event. Whether you’re decorating for an elegant wedding or throwing a backyard bash, these party tent accessories will help enhance your space.

At American Tent, we are passionate about helping people create the outdoor tent venue of their dreams. Check out our blog for helpful event tips and resources, and view our products to find exactly what you need for your outdoor event.

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