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Outdoor Baby Shower Tents For Sale

Buying any tent from an out-of-country manufacturer can be nerve-wracking; shipping can be an extremely long wait, time zones may make it difficult to work with the manufacturers to create your perfect tent, and returning can be a nightmare if your product is damaged or different than what you were looking for. When it comes to ordering baby shower tents, you want the experience to be as simple and stress-free as possible, and we’re here to make that happen!

At American Tent, we pride ourselves on operating right here in the USA. Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, our tent manufacturer uses the highest quality materials to create outdoor tent and sidewall materials, and is the perfect local business from which to order your outdoor baby shower tent! 


We can ship samples of our tent materials to your home, so you can see them in-person.

Our tent manufacturer can work to create a completely custom tent for your specific use and needs. From special sizing to branding and more, your American Tent customization opportunity guarantees you’ll love your tent.

If you’re in a rush, so are we. Being in-country, we are able to complete rush orders and shipping to get you your tent to you as soon as possible.

Why Do Our Customers Think We Sell The Best Baby Shower Tents in Wisconsin?

A baby shower is a special time that you’ll want to remember forever. At American Tent, we understand how important every part of your special day is, right down to the smallest details, and we take pride in manufacturing the highest quality tent for your day. According to our testimonials and feedback, here’s what our customers love most about American Tent baby shower tents:

100% Waterproof

Our tent tops are made with coated vinyl and are super secure against any potential leaks, including velcro-secured seams to ensure there will be no leaks during your baby shower, even in heavy rain.

High-Quality Materials

Anodized steel frames, heavy-duty grommets, and fire-resistant coated vinyl all go into making our baby shower tents sturdy and looking great, use after use. 

Made in the USA

Our baby shower tents are manufactured in Green Bay, WI which means fast turnaround time and expedited shipping, if needed! Not only that, but our customers love supporting a USA-made product. 

Completely Customizable

Our customers love the customization options we are able to provide at American Tent. Whether you’re looking for a unique size or style, or you’d like to get custom printing on your tent vinyl, our customer service team is eager to help you create the tent you’re dreaming of. 

Have questions about our tents?

Have questions about our tents?

We understand how important it is to get your perfect baby shower tent; if you have any questions about our products, manufacturing process, sizing and more, American Tent customer service team can assist you in any part of your search. We make the ordering process as simple as possible and stress-free, so you can worry about planning your amazing outdoor event!

Frequently Asked Questions: Baby Shower Tents

What size of tent for a baby shower party do I need?

Determining the size of your baby shower tent requires more than just a guest count; to help figure out exactly what you’ll need, read our full sizing guide.

Do you ship baby shower tents across the USA?

Yes! We ship everywhere. No matter where you’re located in the US, American Tent has you covered (literally!). Plus, our location allows us to offer rush production and shipping if you need a tent quickly.

How to set up a baby shower tent?

Our tents are created to be set up as easily as possible, with simple velcro, sturdy frames, and more. When setting up a baby shower tent, there are a few key things you can do to keep your tent looking and performing well; we cover setup details in our full guide to custom tents.

How much does a tent for a baby shower cost?

Our outdoor tents vary in price based on size, style, package and more. If you are looking to create a custom baby shower tent, our customer service team is eager to speak with you about your options and our pricing! Contact us today to create your perfect custom tent.

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