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Choose Custom Historical and Medieval Campaign Tents from a Local Manufacturer

Living history events require a great deal of planning - and a lot of tents! Knight’s tents or a medieval war tent give soldiers a designated space to gather and strategize. During medieval times, the market was a weekly destination to stock up on basic goods such as food, leather, and salt. Your event should also include a medieval market tent or medieval merchant tent to make your renaissance fair feel truly authentic. Another important aspect of medieval fairs is, of course, the feast! Nobles typically nosh on meats, such as roasted mallard, pheasant, and partridges. And, no feast would be complete without a roasted boar's head with an apple in its mouth. That’s why festivals also require at least one medieval pavilion tent with plenty of tables to seat hungry knights and maidens. Fortunately, American Tent has a huge variety of tents that are suitable for all kinds of events. And, if you can’t find the perfect tent for a medieval festival, we can customize tents to your exact specifications.

Our Medieval Tents Are Perfect For The Following Living History Events

Purchasing a tent for a renaissance fair is an investment. However, you can stretch those investment dollars by repurposing historical canvas tents for other events. Most people who love cosplay don’t limit themselves to the middle ages. Star Wars fanatics love to troop and dress up for gothic balls. Other uses for your medieval tent include:

Civil War reenactments

Revolutionary War reenactments

Pirate themed festivals

Celtic, Viking, or Roman fairs

Why Choose American Tent for Buying Period Tents and Medieval Pavilions?

When shopping for historical tents for sale, be sure to choose the best manufacturer of historical canvas vendor tents. At American Tent, we take just as much pride in our customer care as we do in the quality of our products. Renaissance Fairs are made even better with American Tent because you can have confidence that you’ll be prepared for any kind of weather and that knights and maidens will have a comfortable place to socialize and relax.

Rain or shine, our tents stand up to it all. 

From high peak and pagoda tents that can transform your space into a royal fairground to ethereal clear tops, we’ve got a style to match yours.

Easy set up options make prepping for your festival a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy a medieval tent near me?

If you’re looking for a renaissance fair tent, you’ve come to the right place! We are centrally located in the midwest and all of our tents are manufactured right here in the U.S. That means your next medieval festival tent is ready to ship, it will be delivered in a timely fashion.

What materials are used in historical tents?

At American Tent, we like to use laminated vinyl for historical event tents due to its trustworthy weather and fire-resistant capabilities. Plus, with the vinyl’s beautiful finish, you can’t go wrong. Ask us for a Sample Material Kit of our vinyl, colors, graphics, and finishes so you can see for yourself!

What size of a medieval tent should I choose?

Many people believe they’ll have to go only off their guest count to determine the correct tent size for their medieval fair, but this is only one part of the equation. While the amount of guests you have at your event is essential information you’ll need to take into account, the seating arrangement is also just as instrumental in determining the size of tent you’ll need for your outdoor event. Check out our blog for detailed guidelines on how to choose the right size tent for your festival.

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