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Pole tents are easy to transport, set up, and take down. That makes them ideal for any number of events and occasions. Center poles offer peak support--and the opportunity to bring your decor to life. With coverage up to 40 x 200 square feet, pole tents can hold just about any party. Then, when the magic ends, simply pack up and be ready for next time.
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Have questions about our pole tents?

Have questions about our pole tents?

We are always ready to answer any questions you might have about pole tents. Call Paige or Jeff on our sales team. They're ready to help with pole tent purchasing advice as well as great tailgate recipes, top tips for defense against nail chips, and best practices for keeping kids occupied during lockdown.

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American Tent carries various types of pole tents for sale that will work perfectly for any outdoor event or rental company! Pole tents are one of our most popular products, as they happen to be perfect for just about any outdoor event. Large parties/events/weddings can all be greatly enhanced with the use of an elegant pole tent.

Why choose a large pole tent?

First, these tents are simple to set up. In fact, here at American Tent, our premium pole packages include everything you need (including stakes, center poles, and more) to assist in setting up your pole tent on the big day. No stress, sweat, or tears!

Pole tents give an elegant look to every gathering

Our commercial pole tents for sale are made with vinyl material, so your pole tents looks beautiful and is the perfect blank-slate. It can be easily dressed up with decorations, or kept simple with the pole tent’s minimalist beauty. With an American Tent pole tent, you won’t have to worry about that beauty fading over time, either. Our tents are made with high-quality stainless steel that won’t rust or break down over time, and mildew-resistant vinyl that will look great, use after use.

At American Tent, we take great care to ensure our tents look great, work well, and keep your guests safe. We use high-quality materials to ensure your tent will remain sturdy and in place, even in harsh weather conditions. Our tent vinyl is fire resistant in case of emergency, and waterproof. Our laser-fusion seams leave no room for water to seep through, and any zippers are reinforced to prevent leakages. Last but not least, we take great pride in the fact that each of our tents are customizable. Our dedicated team will work with you to find the perfect tent, size, and design for your event.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pole Tents

Can a pole tent be installed on asphalt or concrete?

Technically, yes, a pole tent can be installed on both asphalt or concrete. However, before setting up a tent on concrete, consider the damage the concrete may suffer from staking. Pole tents require stakes to be pounded into the surface they’re set up on--and in the case of concrete, it will require drilling holes into the surface--so if you do not want to have holes in your concrete or the headache associated with getting them there, you may want to consider going with a frame tent.
Asphalt, however, is much more forgivable and therefore an ideal choice for pole tent set up.

How to set up a pole tent on concrete?

Setting up a pole tent on concrete is not an easy task. It’s possible, but we do not recommend it. Concrete pole tent set up requires drilling holes into the concrete so that the stakes can be secured. It’s a mess, a hassle, super noisy, and to be avoided if possible.

Can American Tent manufacture custom size pole tents?

American Tent is pleased to manufacture custom pole tents. Whether it’s a unique size you’re looking for or perhaps a different color choice, American Tent can do it. We also make custom pole tents that can include your company or organization's logo. Just talk to one of our sales managers to start planning the pole tent of your dreams today!

What size of pole tent do I need?

Determining what size pole tent you need is easy! Check out our chart: here. You simply need to know how many people you plan to host and what kind of seating arrangement you’d like to have. From there, we can help you decide the right size of pole tent for you.

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