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These 9 Types are Best for Your Large Party Tent:

When you're bringing together a big crowd, the right tent can make all the difference. And remember, not all tents are created equal for every occasion.  So, let us guide you through the essentials of each large tent style, simplifying your decision process.

  1. Pole Tent: With expansive dimensions reaching 40x200 and comfortably hosting over 1,000 guests, our pole tents stand as the largest tents in our product line. Their towering peaks add a touch of sophistication, making them ideal for wedding receptions, corporate events, and grand galas. Given their need for secure staking, a pole tent is best suited for grassy surfaces.
  2. West Coast Frame Tent: As a classic tent known for their user-friendly design, frame tents are a top choice for sheltering numerous guests.Without center poles, these event tents allow full use of their interior space underneath your event tent. Built to last, they're ideal for extended installations, and their adaptability means they can stand on nearly any surface using stakes or a tent ballasting system.
  3. Keder Tent: Where innovation meets excellence, keder tents provide a sleek and professional appearance thanks to the advanced track system that ensures a tight tent top fabric. Built with a sturdy frame and a weather-resistant canopy, keder tents are the top-choice for long term installations.  Plus, their user-friendly design simplifies both setup and takedown.
  4. Clear Top Frame Tent:  Clear top tents merge the durable structure of our frame tents with an added touch of elegance. Their translucent roofs not only maximize your spacious gathering area but also amplify the event's ambiance. As a popular choice for wedding tents, you can enjoy the natural light and venue's scenic beauty during the day and dance under a canopy of stars at night.
  5. High Peak Tents: Known for their stylish and user-friendly design, high peak tents are a favorite for weekend events. Available in size 10x10 and 20x20, these elegant tents can be used to create a striking entrance to your large event tent. Beyond that, they're often chosen as dedicated catering tents or food prep areas, ensuring that style and function go hand in hand.
  6. Pop-up Tents: Small but mighty, pop-up tents pack a punch with their convenience. They are lightweight, easy to assemble, and portable, allowing you to have dependable shelter on the go. Their compact size in 10x10 and 10x20 make them the perfect supplement to large events tents, ensuring the main event stays separate and undisturbed, while side activities have their own dedicated space.
  7. Tent Sidewalls: Want to add a touch of comfort for your large crowd of guests? Think about adding some event tent sidewalls. Whether you're in the mood for solid white, a clear view, classic windowed, or cafe style, we've got you covered. And the best part? They fit seamlessly with all our large event tents.
  8. Tent Parts: In search of the missing piece for your large tent assembly? It happens to the best of us! Small pieces can sometimes wander off. But no worries – we've got you. Order replacement parts with ease and keep your event running smoothly.
  9. Tent Accessories: Setting up a large tent can be a tall task. We’ve curated a large selection of essential tent accessories that simplify the process for you and your  setup team. With tools like our trusty frame jack to ease the lifting and our speedy stake pullers, you can skip the hassle and focus on making your event shine. 

Versatile Large Party Tents are Perfect for Any Event

Find Your Next Large Party Tent, Perfectly Suited to the Occasion

No matter the event, our tents are sure to impress. Opt for party tents that ensure everyone's comfortably covered, so no one's left feeling out in the cold. Whether it’s a lavish wedding reception, a milestone graduation, a buzzing corporate event, or a vibrant festival, we've got the space for every guest. 

  • Looking for a tent that truly reflects your style? Browse our custom tent options! Go beyond the classic white tent with vibrant fabric colors
  • Have a large unique space? We can create frame tents with custom dimensions to accommodate your property space. Or use your tent top as a giant billboard and advertise your company logo thanks to our printing capabilities.

At American Tent, we take pride in each party tent that we manufacture. Based in Green Bay, WI, we build each tent with precision and care. And when it comes to getting your tent to you on time? We've got reliable shipping in place to ensure it reaches you well before your event kicks off. 

Your event's success is our mission!

Planning a big event comes with its fair share of details to handle. Let us take care of the shelter so you can focus on the rest. Dive into our collection to find the large party tent that aligns with your vision. 

And if you ever need guidance? Our friendly sales team is just a chat away, ready to simplify your tent selection process. Get in touch with us! 

Find out how much better it is to have Shelter. Simplified.

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