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April 11, 2018Best In Tents

At American Tent, we love to hear from our customers! Not only does it give us insight into what we can be doing better, it also helps us better understand what exactly our customers need.

We recently received a call from a customer in the Washington, DC area who was looking to enclose an outdoor patio with custom vinyl walls. He and his friends had used the space in the summer to host poker nights and watch sports, but once the weather had gotten colder during the fall, they were forced to take their festivities indoors. Unfortunately, this meant that anyone looking to enjoy a cigar was out of luck.

Rather than settle for substandard poker nights, he went online in search of walls to enclose his porch and turn it into the ultimate four seasons outdoor man cave. Initially, he looked into stock tent sidewalls, but given the unique sizes of the openings on his porch and his desire to fasten the walls to certain spots on the side of his townhouse, he realized that he needed a customized option. Smartly, he got in touch with us at American Tent.

He sent us the specifications for his custom vinyl patio enclosure via email and our team got to work on several different custom wall options for him. After deciding on a mix of window and clear vinyl curtains, he placed his order and received his walls the following week, able to install it all just in time for Thanksgiving. Customized options and a quick turnaround time? American Tent works to help our customers meet all their individual needs and specifications.

A few weeks later, we received a call from a friend of the customer who enjoyed an “outdoor” poker night and wanted to transform his gazebo in a similar manner, allowing him to enjoy it year-round. He was looking for green walls that would better blend into the surroundings and not show dirt as easily. He had the spec sheet from his gazebo manufacturer, so he shared those with us along with his preferences to have a clear zippered entryway and window sidewalls. The finished vinyl enclosure was a perfect fit, allowing the customer to enjoy a poker night in his yard without having to worry about the weather.

Those are just two examples of happy customers who came to American Tent with specific needs. We want nothing more than for our customers to get exactly what they want, and even if your idea seems a bit out of the ordinary, we are willing to help show you what your options are. Whether you’re looking for a custom made tent for your next party, private event or work function, or you’re looking to do something unique like the above described scenario, American Tent is here to provide you with a custom made tent or sidewall that perfectly suits your needs. Keep visiting us for more useful insight on applications for our products. To learn more about how American Tent can be of service to you, contact us today.

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