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15 x 15 Canopy & Tents For Sale

If you’re searching for the perfect 15x15 canopy tent, look no further! American Tent’s 15x15 party tent is everything you need. It is great for small gatherings accommodating between 18-37 guests depending on seating arrangement. Durable and easy to put up, this 15x15 tent will make your next event a success.

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Have Questions About Our 15 x 15 Canopy Tents?

Have Questions About Our 15 x 15 Canopy Tents?

Contact our educated sales team for answers to any additional questions regarding our 15x15 tents. They're ready to help with tent purchasing advice as well as pellet grill recipes, Harley consults, and best practices for taking an Uber instead of an airplane.

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15' x 15' Tents & Canopies Made in USA

When you’re looking for 15x15 tents for sale, you want a partner you can trust. American Tent is honored to manufacture in Green Bay, WI using only the highest quality materials. We are dedicated to our customers and put care into the manufacturing process of each 15x15 tent. Made with 16 ounce blockout vinyl and anti-rust aluminum poles, our tents are built to last.

American Tent’s Capitol Pole Tent is easy to install and transport. This 15x15 canopy tent is ideal for set-up on grassy surfaces where you can drive stakes into the ground.

The Atrium Frame Tent has no interior poles which allows you to use 100% of the 15x15 tent. It offers flexibility with its ability to be set up on almost any surface. This tent can either be staked into the ground or secured using our Tent Ballasting System on surfaces where staking is not possible.

Why Choose 15 x 15 Tents From American Tent?

American Tent carefully manufactures each 15x15 party tent with quality checks along the way. Our 15 by 15 party tents are built with heavy duty materials so your tent can be enjoyed by guests for years to come. Our team of industry professionals is dedicated to making sure you are equipped to safely install your tent with detailed instructions and additional support available upon request. Our sales team is eager to help choose from our standard 15x15 canopy tents for sale or create a custom 15x15 gazebo canopy for your backyard.

15 by 15 Party Tent FAQs

How big is a 15 x 15 party tent?

A 15x15 tent is 225 square feet. Small enough to be cozy, big enough for breathing room. This size is perfect for produce stands, craft shows, graduation parties - the list goes on!

How long will it take to deliver a 15 by 15 canopy tent?

Shipping and factory lead times are constantly changing, but in most instances, you can get your 15x15 tent within a couple weeks of ordering!

How many round tables fit under a 15x15 tent?

To have a comfortable amount of tables and guests under your 15x15 tent, we suggest no more than one table of 8 or 10 people.

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