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10 x 20 Tents & Canopies For Sale

Our 10x20 canopy tent is a real beauty. Easy to assemble and transport, our 10x20 party tents are a winner in anyone’s book, especially when you consider that they’re made right here in Green Bay, WI USA. This small but mighty tent is great for farmer’s markets, trade shows, and festivals. With 200 square feet of space, these 20x10 tents can accommodate 16-32 guests.

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Have Questions About Our 10 by 20 Canopy Tent?

Have Questions About Our 10 by 20 Canopy Tent?

Questions about 10 foot by 20 foot tents? Call our sales team. They're ready to help with 20x10 tent purchasing advice as well as theater recommendations, Harley consults, and best practices for taking an Uber instead of an airplane.

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Custom 10x20 tents for your business or event

If you are looking for American-made 10x20 ft tents at a great cost, American Tent has everything you need. Our tents are manufactured in the Midwest using durable materials including 16 oz. blockout vinyl that is flame-retardant and UV-resistant. Whether you’re looking for a striped 10x20 tent canopy or a 20x10 tent for outdoor markets, purchasing an event tent is a big investment. We are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your investment by providing commercial grade tents that are made to last.

Our Capitol Pole Tents are easy to install and travel with making them ideal for weekend events. Pole tents are best for surfaces you can safely stake into. When staking isn’t possible, you’ll want to consider our Atrium Frame Tent. The 10x20 ft frame tent can be secured with our tent ballasting system on surfaces such as concrete or artificial turf.

Custom 10 ft. x 20 ft. Commercial Canopy Tents for Your Party & Event

20x10 canopy tent, 10 x 20 party tent, or 10 x 20 event tent; no matter what you call it, we can customize it! If you’d like something slightly larger than a 10x20 commercial tent to account for those who haven’t RSVP’d, our talented designers and manufacturing team can create a custom size to accommodate any last-minute guests. 

Further personalize your 20 by 10 canopy tent with custom sides, colors, or printed graphics. Sidewalls are a great way to keep your guests protected from wind and rain. A custom color or proudly displaying your brand’s logo is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Why Choose A Tent From American Tent?

Make the right choice for your 10x20 heavy duty canopy tent at American Tent. Our dedication to customer service, product quality, and guest safety shines through with each and every one of our 10 x 20 ft tents. Our award winning customer service can help you figure out how many people fit under a 10 x 20 tent or how to set up a 10x20 tent. Once you’ve selected the perfect tent, our speedy manufacturing team can get the product turned around within 1 week. Quick turnaround times enable us to deliver tents in time for your next event.

10x20 Party & Canopy Tents FAQs

How many people fit under a 10 x 20 tent?

The number of guests that can fit under a 10x20 tent will be dependent on your seating arrangement but can generally accommodate between 16-32 guests. 10x20 tents are also the perfect size for trade shows or farmer’s market booths.

How big is a 10 x 20 canopy tent for sale?

You get 200 square feet of space with a 10x20 canopy tent.

How to set up a 10 x 20 tent?

Setting up a 10x20 event tent is quick and easy. It is a very manageable sized tent and should be a breeze to install when paired with our written instructions that are included with every shipment. We also provide additional tips in a visual form on our YouTube channel.

How long will it take to deliver a 10 x 20 commercial tent?

In some situations, you can get your 10x20 canopy a mere week from ordering, but times are always shifting and shipping can be unpredictable. Call today for details!

How many round tables fit under a 10 x 20 event tent?

You can fit two round tables of 8 under a 10x20 tent.

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