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Outdoor Sports Tents for Sale

At American Tent, we take pride in manufacturing our sports tents with the highest quality materials and one-on-one support to ensure our customers have the best coverage for their sporting events and athletes. From assisting high school track and field coaches to golf course owners and sports stadiums, we have worked with a variety of clients to help them find, create, and order the perfect sports tent. 

Custom Sports Tent for Your Team

Looking for a completely customized sports tent for your team? American Tent has you, and your athletes, covered. Stand out in a crowd or show your school/organization pride by ordering a tent in custom colors, custom-printed logos, and more! If you aren’t quite sure how you would like to customize your sports tent, our passionate sales associates are ready to help you create the perfect design.

Have questions about our tents?

Have questions about our tents?

Call our sales team. They're ready to help with tent purchasing advice as well as great Insta Pot recipes, top tips for fantasy football, and best practices for keeping warm at Lambeau Field.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tents for Pro & Recreational Sports

How much wind can a sports canopy withstand?

Our sports canopies are temporary structures and are not engineered for permanent use or extreme weather. They are not wind or snow-rated.

How much weight do you need to hold down a 10x10 canopy?

A small 10x10 canopy tent can be properly secured with one 40lb weight at every corner of the tent. This will provide much-needed stability to secure both your tent canopy and frame in strong winds and weather conditions. For more information, read our full guide on weighting your tent here.

Can I put a tent up on artificial grass?

Yes, you can set up a sports tent on artificial grass; however, you will not want to secure your tent with traditional stakes. Stick to tent weights at the corners of your canopy to secure your tent if you are setting up your sports canopy on artificial grass.

Can I use canopy tents for sporting events?

Using canopy tents for sporting events is a great idea under most circumstances. You should consider weather and the surface the tents will be on before making the decision for sure. American Tent can help you find the best canopy tent for sporting events - just call, click, or email to learn more.

What tents are best for sporting events?

The best tents for sporting events are the tents you choose yourself! American Tent is here to help you find just the right tent for your sporting event. We’ll take into account factors including venue, number of people, and location to make sure you have the best tent for your sporting event.

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