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April 14, 2020Best In Tents

Party tents are gaining traction as a functional way to host large gatherings. But the rise in popularity also prompted us to look at a common problem with party tents: how to properly light them in order to make them more appealing for the partygoers.

Tent Lights

Tent lights

Tent lights are the solution to the problem. Not only do they allow us to party at night, but they also create a unique atmosphere that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

A natural question would be which type of tent lights do I need? And the answer would be, it depends.

Let us start from the beginning. You need to know about the types of tent lights before you decide which type suits your style. 

What Are Different Types Of Tent Lighting

Like any other type of lighting, tent lighting comes in various types: from simple LEDs to exquisite lamps. We’ll discuss the prominent types below: 

LED Tent Lights 

LEDs are probably the safest choice when it comes to tent lights. They’re very economical, come in different colors, are easily controllable and are very user-friendly. On top of that, you won’t have a high electricity bill after a full night of partying. So LED tent lights must be on your list of potential tent lights for the night.

Bottled Lights

Although LED tent lights are a great solution for canopy tent lighting problems, bottled lights just add a touch of elegance that’s missing in LEDs. Ideally, you could use a combination of both, where you put small LEDs in a bottle and then hang the glass bottles as tent lights. This would be great for wedding tent lighting and other events where elegance matters.

Globe String Lights

Another great solution to wedding tent lighting issues is to use globe string lights. This tent light would not only light the whole tent evenly but also add a layer of sophistication. Your guests will enjoy this soothing ambient light and enjoy the warm atmosphere it fosters.

Tent Washes

Tent washes lights

If you’re looking for tent lights that leave a lasting impression on the guests, tent washes have got your back. The dramatic effects of lights falling on your tent from the side, in various shapes, will keep the guests engaged. If you want your guests, whether it’s a wedding or corporate meeting, to be impressed with your attention to detail, tent washes are your best option. You can have the logo of your company or a silhouette of the couple on the tent, which will be enough to make everyone happy.

Candle Lights

We all love ourselves a candle light dinner where the light of a candle flickers in the background, creating a warm atmosphere. The same effect can be obtained in your party tent by using candle lights as your primary tent lights. The whole atmosphere will get a glamorous touch that will make the whole experience even more fun and exciting. If you think candle lights won’t be enough to light the whole place, you can use a combination of tent washes and candle lights for an even more immersive and enticing effect.


When we saw Harry Potter’s dining hall, we all noticed those hanging lanterns. You can have the same effect in your party tent with lanterns as your tent lights. We don’t suggest going with actual oil lanterns as they can be a mess to handle and are sometimes too dangerous due to the fire hazard. Instead, we suggest going with LED-candle lanterns. These will keep the atmosphere grounded while ensuring ease-of-use.

Sparkle Balls

This type of tent light is for those events where you want funky lights. Sparkle balls add their funkiness and coolness to the whole scene and make it very comfortable for everyone to enjoy their time. Although these tent lights won’t be as elegant as lanterns or candle lights, they will make the whole tent bright and colorful. And in many cases, that’s exactly what we’re looking for!

Tiki Torches

There’s something about going natural that we can’t explain. Although we’re moving towards smart LED bulbs and other advanced stuff, we feel at home with tiki torches too. These inexpensive and cool torches are mostly used for outside or lighting the way. But believe us, they give the whole atmosphere with an added touch of fun. You can use tiki torches in combination with other tent lights for amazing effects.

Now that you know what types of tent lights are available, let us decide which one you should choose.

What Tent Lighting Do You Need?

Tent lights guide

Tent lights are very diverse and we barely touched the surface. You can find so many types of tent lights that it will be hard to even remember every one of them.

So how do you decide which one you need?

The answer isn’t simple. You can go with LED tent lights if you’re looking for an easy and fast way. But LEDs lack the charm of candle lights and lanterns. Similarly, you can go with actual oil lamps for an authentic touch, but there are a lot of constraints and hazards as mentioned above.

So in order to buy the best tent light for your special occasion, choose a type of tent light and then do some research on your own. Decide on the characteristics you’re looking for, and then choose tent lights that match most of them.

It won’t be simple, but it will work 100%!

How to Install Tent Lights

Once you’ve decided on using a particular type of tent lights, the next step would be installing them. If you have a canopy tent lighting situation where you need to light the center, go with a radial style. Start from the center and then work outwards. 

If you’re going with plain tents, use any geometric shape that you like. The main purpose is to make the whole place look beautiful, so experiment with the tent lights and let us know what you discovered.

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