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Custom Made

All of our tents and sidewalls are made-to-order, which means you can choose the color, size, design, graphics and finishings - just like ordering a personalized drink from Starbucks. 

So, if you want a sectional, pink, 20x40 frame tent with stainless steel hardware - we can make it for you (BTW - we love to support breast cancer research - ask us about pink tent discounts!). 

Normally, custom-made carries with it a price premium. However, at American Tent, it allows us to keep our inventory carrying costs down and our supply chain extremely lean, so we can actually offer our tents at a lower price than our competition.

While this means our lead-times can be 2-3 weeks during the busy spring/summer season - we have a buffer in our manufacturing process to fit in last minute orders and can typically turn around a rush order in time for you to have a new tent in your hands for the weekend, so you don't lose a job.

We are our own customer

As owners of a successful tent rental business (, all of our tents are purchased from American Tent.  This means all our tents are continually "battle tested” by our fantastic rental team - providing us with great input on new designs and functionality.

Additionally, all new employees have tent setup experience as part of their training process to ensure their knowledge of tents expands beyond the walls of our manufacturing facility.

We want to be your partner

We think a successful partnership is built upon a mutually beneficial relationship.  As such, we are always looking for ways to help our customers grow their businesses.  This includes:

Referral bonuses for customers looking to help fund their future tent purchases

Dealer opportunities to make supplemental income by selling our tents

Reasonable price points to allow you to pay-off your tents in fewer rentals and put money back into your pocket

FREE business advice for individuals just starting out in the rental industry or rental businesses looking to expand their business through new marketing/advertising avenues or established businesses interested in implementing new technologies to improve their operations.  (Tony would much rather spend the whole day on the phone talking about running a tent rental business, than working on his to do list)

Useful content - We strive to provide useful content to our customers through our blog and social media accounts.  This includes our weekly #RentalMarketingTips which are written by our fantastic marketing team to help you stand out from your competition.


We support our local economy and workforce - which is very important to us.  For our customers, it means your tent is only a few days away from you, if you need something last minute.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time with questions or to place an order.  We are always happy to send sample party tents or vinyl to ensure you are happy with the quality of our tents and accessories.

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