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Large commercial canopies for any type of event

Our American-made large outdoor tents offer the durability and coverage you need for any type of event. Whether you are looking to create an outdoor warehouse or workspace, emergency medical area, temporary garage, or storage area, you will need a large tent you can count on. Our large commercial canopies are exactly what you need in every situation.

Giant party tents

Throwing a large outdoor party? No matter what size your event is, a giant party tent is the perfect venue to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. Need to cover a large concert with hundreds of people, or provide a food or rest area at a large festival? Our giant party tents like the  40’x200’ Pole Tent are big enough to fit hundreds of attendees and keep the party going all day and night.

Big wedding tents

If you’re planning to throw a big wedding with 200+ guests, you’ll need a big wedding tent to comfortably fit everyone. Our large 40’x100’ Frame Tent or 40’x180’ Pole Tent will not only accommodate all your guests but offer a gorgeous venue for your big day.

Custom large outdoor tent for your needs

Can’t find the perfect tent in our products? We can work with you to create a complete custom tent to fit your needs. We can work with you to create a tent in whatever size, style, color, and material you need. Our custom tents are made-to-order quickly, and the customization process is simple. Whatever you are envisioning in your head, American Tent can make it happen.

What size tent do I need?

There are many factors that go into determining what size tent you need for your unique event. You will need to know your guest count, seating arrangement, and how much additional space you’ll need for food and entertainment. Luckily, our tent size calculator makes it easy to input this information and find the perfect tent size.

Have Questions About Our Large Tents?

Have Questions About Our Large Tents?

If you have any questions regarding large tents, call our sales manager Jake. He is ready with tent purchasing advice as well as weight lifting schedules, business book recommendations, and a list of the best places to tailgate before Green Bay football games.


How much does a giant tent cost?

Large tents can be a big investment, and it’s important to purchase a high-quality tent that will last for years. Our large commercial event tents start at around $19,000 and are made with the highest-quality products and style so you get the most out of your investment.

How big of a tent do I need for 150 guests?

There are many factors that go into determining which tent size is right for your event. For quick reference, a 30’x60’ frame tent can comfortably fit 150 guests with a banquet style seating arrangement.

How do you put up a large party tent? Do you have any setup guide?

Setting up a large party tent can be a difficult undertaking, which is why we created a full guide to help. Read this guide here, and don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have additional questions about large party tents.

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