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Tent Accessories

Whether you’re just starting out in the tent rental business, preparing for the event of a lifetime, or just shopping for ways to make your life easier, American Tent has all the accessories you need.
From Giffy Ballasts to secure your frame tent, to drop cloths that will keep your investment pristine, to our line of safety equipment from Tent Industry Legend Pete McVey, it’s all right here at American Tent.

Drop Cloths

No matter the surface, we've got you covered. Literally. Shop our drop cloths to make sure you protect your tent.

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Frame Jack

Strong, smart, and compact. Our frame jacks just might be the only crew you need! 

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Not sure what you need? Call Jake at (920) 431-0938 to get outfitted with everything you need for successful tent set up again and again.

Find out how much better it is to have Shelter. Simplified. Give us a call today!

Have questions about our frame tents?

Have questions about our frame tents?

Call Jake, he'll help you narrow down your options based on your needs, and answer any questions you might have about frame tents.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tent Accessories

Can you set up a tent anywhere?

You can set up a tent on almost any flat surface where it is safe to stake into the ground. If you can’t stake into the ground, you can also set up a tent using Giffy Ballasts, our engineered ballasting system. You always want to be sure, however, that you use a drop cloth to protect your tent during set up and take down.

Why do you need tent accessories?

Tent accessories aren't a necessity, but they do make life easier. Accessories such as frame tent jacks and drop cloths can reduce wear and tear on your tent and your crew.

What size of tent drop cloth do you offer?

Our drop cloths are 22’ x 44’, but we are happy to make any size you need for 25 cents a square foot.

How tent drop cloth can protect a tent?

Tent drop cloths protect your tent by creating a barrier between your pristine vinyl and the ground. Even if the grass is soft and fresh, even if the concrete has been swept so clean you could eat off it, we still strongly urge the use of drop cloths to protect against dirt and potential pin holes.

Can you install a tent by yourself with a frame jack?

Professionals can install a tent with just a frame jack or two, but we recommend having at least one other crew member present. Frame jacks can take the place of some crew--but not your entire team.

Find out how much better it is to have Shelter. Simplified.

Give us a call today at (920) 431-0938!

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