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Tent Accessories for Sale

Whether you’re just starting out in the tent rental business, preparing for the event of a lifetime, or just shopping for ways to make your life easier, American Tent has all the accessories you need.
From Giffy Ballasts to secure your frame tent, to drop cloths that will keep your investment pristine, to our line of safety equipment from Tent Industry Legend Pete McVey, it’s all right here at American Tent.

Drop Cloths

No matter the surface, we've got you covered. Literally. Shop our drop cloths to make sure you protect your tent.

View Drop Cloths

Frame Jack

Strong, smart, and compact. Our frame jacks just might be the only crew you need! 

View Frame Jack

JackJaw 302 Stake Puller

The 302 JackJaw tent stake puller makes removing stakes from the ground fast and easy!

View JackJaw 302 Stake Puller

JackJaw 502 Stake Puller

When you need a little extra pulling power for heavy soil, the JackJaw 502 is up for the job.

View JackJaw 502 Stake Puller

Not sure what you need? Call our sales team to get outfitted with everything you need for successful tent set up again and again.

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Have questions about our tents and accessories?

Have questions about our tents and accessories?

Call our sales managers, they'll help you narrow down your options based on your needs, and answer any questions you might have about tents, tent parts and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tent Accessories

Do you offer custom tent parts?

We offer a wide variety of tent parts and fittings that can be used within most custom tents.

What are must-haves accessories for the event rental business?

Must-have accessories for a rental business are the frame jack and drop cloth--both make set-up much easier and safer. Also, you should make sure to have stakes and fittings that can be used on a variety of canopies.

What are the things called that hold up a tent?

Tent legs! Also called tent poles, these are what lift your tent off the ground. Another important part of holding up a tent is the base plates which hold the weight of the entire tent.

Find out how much better it is to have Shelter. Simplified.

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