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Disaster Relief Tents for Sale

American Tent provides various disaster relief tents for sale and takes great care to get these products to customers as quickly as possible. From Coronavirus testing tents to inclement weather shelter or temporary housing, we pride ourselves in providing quality emergency relief tents that will hold up against harsh weather and various circumstances. We understand the importance of timing when it comes to receiving these disaster relief tents, and make it a priority to get them to you in days, not weeks, so you can utilize your tent when you truly need it. 

Examples of Disaster Relief Tents Include

At American Tent, we manufacture various products that serve well as disaster relief tents. For smaller needs like mobile medical tents, check-in tables, and more, pop-up tents are an easy set-up option. For bigger needs, our frame and pole tents can be turned into testing centers, temporary shelter, and emergency gathering locations. No matter what you are in need of, we will have a tent to help you prepare. 

Have questions about our tents?

Have questions about our tents?

If you have any questions regarding disaster relief tents, Call our sales team. This situation may be new to you, but they have the experience to make sure you--and the people counting on you--get exactly what is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Disaster (Emergency) Relief Tents

What size of a disaster relief tent do I need?

American Tent can make disaster relief tents in whatever size you need. Emergency tents are for just that: emergencies, and we know that no two are alike. The size of disaster relief tent you need depends on how many people you will be sheltering and how you plan to use the tent.

What types of tents are best for disaster relief shelter?

The best kind of disaster relief shelter is one that efficiently meets the needs of the population its sheltering. From solid frame tents to quick setting up pole tents, American Tent makes emergency shelter tents that work best for you.

Can American Tent manufacture custom size disaster relief tents?

American Tent makes custom size disaster relief tents. Emergency relief tents are almost always needed in a hurry, and we are fortunate to be able to turnaround orders for disaster relief tents in just days. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

How long does it take to put up disaster tents?

Disaster relief tents are a great way to create extra space and temporary shelter for any number of people in a short amount of time. At American Tent, we place orders quickly to get your tent to you when you need it most. Our tents are simple to set up and are built to last, so you don’t have to worry about water damage, broken frames, or torn material. Putting up a disaster relief tent is a simple, quick process that can be easily taken down and moved elsewhere.

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