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Versatility at Its Best: Our Industrial Tents in Diverse Settings

7 Types of Industrial Tents to Consider (All Ones that We Offer)

We’re here to help you find the right partner for your shelter needs. Whether you need a quick setup for spontaneous shade, you’re planning something more regular, or you’re setting up for the long haul, we offer a tailored solution for each scenario. No matter your needs, rest assured, we’ve got you covered with a tent that’s ready to rise to the occasion.

Getting to know the unique advantages of each tent type is key to making a choice you'll be confident in. Let’s explore through the 7 commercial tent styles available, each thoughtfully designed to address different event needs with a promise of quality and adaptability.

  1. Pole Tents: These commercial event tents capture attention with their majestic peaks and spacious design, all while being gentle on the budget. Pole tents are perfect for use on grassy surfaces, where they can be anchored securely with stakes. So, when choosing a pole tent, it's crucial to consider the setup area to ensure a proper fit.
  2. Frame tents: the classic design of West Coast frame tents makes them ideal for lengthy events where stability is non-negotiable. They're the perfect canvas for those extra-special occasions that call for a stable setup—ideal for restaurateurs arranging outdoor dining expansions or businesses needing temporary facilities. Our ballasting system is a game-changer, allowing these commercial tents to adapt to diverse terrains, even concrete.
  3. Keder Tents: Keder tents are the next level in the commercial tent world; taking the frame tent concept further by incorporating an innovative track system that tightly secures the fabric to the frame, the tent becomes weather-tight. These are a top pick for long term installations as the top fabric can be swiftly removed if bad weather conditions approach, all without the need to disassemble the entire frame.
  4. Clear tents: Clear tents provide a unique charm by combining the practicality of a frame tent with the allure of a transparent top. Imagine hosting an event under a clear canopy that offers a stunning view of the sky, bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside. Made from resilient 20-gauge clear vinyl, these commercial tents offer a picturesque setting, popular for times when natural light is needed. However, it’s important to note that the clear vinyl isn’t as durable as the multi-layered fabric of traditional white tops.
  5. Heavy Duty Pop-Up Tent: Our commercial-grade pop-up tents aren’t your average pop-up; they're a promise of efficiency and quality. With sturdy 50mm frames extruded from top-tier aluminum alloys, these tents earn their commercial rating. Picture setting up a reliable shelter in mere minutes, one that can travel with you effortlessly in its own roller bag. They're perfect for those who move frequently and need a dependable, quick-deploying shelter they can count on time and again.
  6. High Peak Tents: High peak tents don't just stand out; they bring a touch of flair to your gatherings. Choose the easy setup of a vertex tent for a quick weekend bash, or go for the robust resilience of a pagoda tent when you need to hold up against the gusts of up to 50mph. Whichever you choose, high peak tents are more than just a shelter—they're a centerpiece, ensuring your outdoor event is not only sheltered but also stylish.
  7. Tent Sidewalls: Sidewalls for your commercial tent are like the final piece of a puzzle — they complete the picture. Effortless to attach and remove, they provide that extra layer of rain and wind protection whenever the forecast decides to change its course. Our  sidewall selection, including solid white, clear, windowed, and café-style options, ensures your tent is equipped to handle a breeze or a drizzle, turning any space into a more enclosed setting.

Built to Last: Durable Industrial Tents for Every Occasion

We create industrial tent systems that are made to last. At American Tent, we craft not just for the present, but for your long-term shelter needs.  Our dedication to longevity ensures that each tent becomes the covered space for a multitude of occasions.

Investing in an industrial tent is a smart investment for your business, allowing you to host events or provide shelter when you need it most. Claim independence from the hassle of rental availability and recurrent fees - take matters into your own hands. 

We take immense pride in our craftsmanship. Our devoted manufacturing team works tirelessly to maintain quick lead times, which means that you can get a tent when you need it. And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we can help you create it. Build a custom tent with us - from graphic printing that makes a bold statement to specific dimensions and distinctive color choices that capture attention, your tent can be as unique as your business.

Consider the finishing touch: our tent sidewalls. They're the perfect complement, offering both a unique look and additional climate control. Together with our time-saving tent accessories designed for effortless setup and maintenance, your tent will be kept in good condition for events to come.

When hosting events, it’s all about making sure you’ve got a reliable spot to gather, come rain or shine. Every American Tent is a promise of good times and good shelter. So, here's to your next big event, product launch, or any celebration and the many more that'll follow—all under the roof of a tent that’s built to last. 

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