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When you own your own tent rental business, your tents say everything about you. At American Tent, we make tents that say, “Good choice!” no matter what the occasion. Because flawless events require flawless tents, American Tent tents will help you help your clients achieve the event of the dreams, time after time. You don’t want to let your clients down and neither do we.

Are We for You?

American Tent is your best choice for party tent manufacturing if:

You want a partner you can trust

Relationships are important to you

Quality and durability aren’t “nice-to-haves,” they’re “must haves”

You want the latest in industry trends, along with educated sales people who stay on top of these trends

You want the biggest ROI for your tent-buying dollar

Quick, accurate, and accessible purchasing information is important to you

You value American-made craftsmanship and support American manufacturing

Are You for Us?

What’s it like to work with us? We don’t like to brag, but the American Tent customer experience feels a little like...

When your golden retriever meets you at the door

Getting out on the open road with no one in sight and a full tank of gas

Sitting down to your favorite meal

Picking up your cards and seeing all aces

Your head hitting the pillow for a good night’s rest after a long day at work

Relaxing in the first class cabin on the way to someplace warm

Those are just a few reasons clients love us and we love our clients. In fact, the vast majority of our clients turn into lifelong partners of American Tent, relying on our tents again and again. Whether it’s just a few sidewalls or a custom tent for the wedding of the century, we love helping our clients find solutions that work for them.

We proudly stand behind each product we make. We live and breathe tents and are always ready to answer any questions you might have.

Have questions about our tents?

Have questions about our tents?

Call our sales team. They're ready to help with tent purchasing advice as well as great Insta Pot recipes, top tips for fantasy football, and best practices for keeping warm at Lambeau Field.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tents for Rental Companies

What are trending types of tents for rental companies?

Trends change, and no one knows that better than tent companies. You can trust American Tent to keep you up to speed on the latest and most popular tents among rental companies. Our current bestsellers include 20’ wide pole tents, 30’ wide pole tents, 20’ wide frame tents, and 30’ wide frame tents. Additionally, clear top tents are becoming more and more in demand as well as stylish options like our high peak cross cable tents.

What are tents made of?

Our tents are made out of 16 oz pvc vinyl. We offer two types: American made and imported. Our clear top tents are made out of durable 20 gauge vinyl. Our poles are made from galvanized steel or anodized aluminum depending on the type of tent and pole options selected.

Can American Tent manufacture custom size tents for rental companies?

American Tent is pleased to offer custom manufacturing of tents for tent rental companies. Just let us know what you need and we will do our best to make it happen.

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