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Our party tents come in a wide variety of sizes, including 20 x 20 tent, 20 x 30 tent, and 20 x 40 tent and also are customizable - we can provide any size tent you need!  Our best-selling frame tents with optional party tent walls feature 100% waterproof vinyl, welded seams. They can be set up on nearly any surface with our tent ballasting system. Like all of our high-quality tents, our frame tents are UV coated, and fire resistant.

We also offer pole tents, including clear top tents, for your perfect birthday party, block party, wedding, commercial event, graduation, and just about any backyard family get together! Our customers rave about the quality of pole tents, including enclosed lace and grommet lines to prevent leaks and protect hardware. They also love that our tents are easy to set up.

From companies looking to make a splash with a tent event, to a non-profit throwing a fundraiser to remember, to families who have invested in the perfect backyard and now want to invest in the perfect tent, make your party tent purchase with a trusted brand like American Tent. 

  • Want a tent sale that will attract customers from miles around? We got you.
  • Trying to raise enough money at your fundraiser to keep your organization endowed for generations? There’s a tent for that.
  • Want to establish your backyard as THE premier wedding, graduation, and party venue in your neighborhood, social circle, and family? Then you’re looking for a party canopy for sale at American Tent! Wait till you see what we can do.

Our tents are dependable, made with the latest technology and quality measures. Our tents are affordable, “paying for themselves” in fewer uses than you might think. They’re made right here in Green Bay, Wisconsin, by caring people who treat each order as if it was for their own special event or family gathering.

Why Choose American Tent As a Party Tent Supplier?

It can be hard finding high-quality party tents, especially when working with an overseas manufacturer. At American Tent, you’ll experience the benefits of working with a local Green Bay manufacturer. Our US made professional party tents for sale are made with fast production and shipping, high quality materials, and one-on-one customer support.

We are helpful! Our award-winning customer service and friendly salespeople can walk you through any and all aspects of the tent buying process. We’ve made buying online as easy and as user-friendly as possible, and if you have any questions along the way, just give us a call!

We are here! We are based right here in America’s Heartland. If you need us, we’re only a time zone or two away if that. And we’re not going anywhere. We’ve been in business for 20 years and are just getting started.

We care! We have only the best processes, machines, and materials for our outdoor party tents for sale. You know you’ll get a high quality product you’ll be proud of.

We customize! American Tent offers commercial party tents for sale that will become the tent of your dreams. Our team will design it to your exact specifications to make sure your event or party goes off without a hitch.

Why Are You the Best Choice for American Tent?

You have standards. No fly-by-night popup will do for you. You want a quality tent that will last.

You crave answers. You appreciate knowing what you’re getting and learning about your options before you click “buy.”

You value American manufacturing. If American jobs can be supported you’re glad to choose American made.

You’re resource savvy. You could spend twice as much, but why? You value your time, budget, and resources and so do we.

We love our clients even more than we love our tents. We proudly stand behind each product we make and are always ready to answer any questions you might have.

Have questions about our tents?

Have questions about our tents?

Call our sales team. They're ready to help with tent purchasing advice as well as great Insta Pot recipes, top tips for fantasy football, and best practices for keeping warm at Lambeau Field.

Party Canopy Tents FAQ

What size party tent do I need?

What size party tent you need depends primarily on the size of your party and how you’d like to have seating set up. How big a party tent you need also depends on any other amenities you’d like to have, such as a DJ station, dance floor, cake table, sushi station, craft cocktail bar, etc. We’re happy to discuss party tent sizes with you and help you find just the right one for your party. You can use our Tent Size calculator to determine the exact size of canopy you need. If you have need custom size party tents, American Tent can manufacture those for you too!

How to heat a party tent?

How to heat a party tent and how to keep a party tent warm is much less of a problem than it used to be. Propane heaters are the most cost-effective way to heat your party tent in winter. Tent flooring will ensure guests feet stay toasty warm. Adding tent sidewalls is a stylish way to keep wind and rain out of your tent.

How much wind can a party tent withstand?

It’s not easy to predict exactly how much wind a party tent can withstand; tents are not engineered for specific wind loads. However, if properly installed and ballasted, American Tent tents will be fine in 30-40bmph sustained winds.

How to keep a party tent cool?

How to keep a party tent cool is as easily solved as heating them. You can install air conditioning units at the sides of your tent or get one that connects to the actual frame.

How to light a party tent?

How to light a party tent is a challenge that requires imagination and a well articulated theme. Tent rental companies will have lots of fashionable options for you - from trendy to classic, candlelight to colorful spotlights.

Do you offer wholesale options for party tents?

Looking to stock your inventory of party tents? We have a variety of high-quality wholesale party tents perfect for any party tent rental company or similar business. Our tents are made with high-quality materials, including rust-proof stainless steel parts, fire resistant and waterproof vinyl, and graphics. Whether you’re looking for wholesale wedding tents, corporate events tents, or backyard party tents, we’re here to help.

Do you offer accessories for party tents?

We sell all the tent accessories you need to properly set up your party tent and throw an amazing event. If you are looking for tools for party tents or sidewalls for commercial event tents, we can help! From Giffy Ballasts for your frame tent to drop cloths, you’ll find everything you need at American Tent.

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