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You must buy the entire package. This includes: Top, Frame, and Stakes and Ratchets. 

3 week lead time, call for rush orders and details on our available options today!

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Pagoda Tents Pricing

Pagoda Tent Size
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* Full Package for both sizes is Tent Top, Poles, and 8 Stakes that drive into leg baseplates (no ratchets necessary)
** Top and Sides are 19oz Translucent Coated Vinyl
Have questions about our pagoda tents?

Have questions about our pagoda tents?

Call Paige or Lindsey, they'll help you narrow down your options based on your needs, and answer any questions you might have about our tents.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pagoda Tents

Can a pagoda tent be installed on asphalt or concrete?

Can a pagoda tent be installed on asphalt or concrete? Yes it can! As long as you can stake it into the ground, you can set up a pagoda tent. Be sure to follow all staking guidelines and proper setup instructions.

Can American Tent manufacture custom size pagoda tents?

At this time, American Tent does not offer custom pagoda tent sizing. We hope to be able to provide clients with more options in the future.

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