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Spacious outdoor tent

Tips to Know For a Successful Outdoor Event Planning (With a Checklist)

Planning an event? We know what is your must-have - a party tent! Read why arranging a tent party is the best option for your event.
July 29, 2021Read More
Benefits Of A Tent On A Construction Site

Benefits Of A Tent On A Construction Site

Construction work must be completed rain or shine, but it can be a struggle to properly protect a worksite from...
June 23, 2021Read More
Outdoor Event Flooring

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Event Flooring

Temporary structures are popular amongst many industries, but one thing people often don’t think about is the tent floor. Tent...
June 15, 2021Read More
How to Waterproof a Canopy

How to Waterproof a Canopy: A Step-by-Step Guide

Imagine you are preparing to set up your tent, only to check the weather and realize there’s rain in the...
June 07, 2021Read More
How to Pick the Best Wind Resistant Canopy

How to Pick the Best Wind Resistant Canopy?

When it comes to typical canopy tents, wind can be a major threat to your festivities. One giant gust and...
May 25, 2021Read More
How To Repair Canopy Frame

How To Repair Canopy Frame: Step-by-Step Guide

High-quality canopy tents are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and general wear and tear, but you may find yourself...
May 23, 2021Read More
The Four Best Ways to Anchor a Canopy on the Beach

The Four Best Ways to Anchor a Canopy on the Beach

With the instability of loose sand and the threat of unexpected winds, trying to anchor a canopy on the beach...
May 19, 2021Read More
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Have questions about our tents?

Have questions about our tents?

Questions? Call our sales manager Jake here in the office at 920.431.0938. He is ready with tent purchasing advice as well as custom job brainstorming, motorcycle maintenance tips, and a ranked list of the best cheese curds in Green Bay.

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