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Now more than ever, our nation has seen the importance of emergency preparedness, as well as responding quickly when disaster does strike. No matter what level of emergency preparedness you or your organization needs, providing designated cover, temporary sleeping arrangements, and medical centers is a top concern. Having medical and emergency tents ensure that, no matter the situation, you will be able to respond quickly, safely, and effectively.

At American Tent, we also know how paramount it is to have the highest-quality materials for your medical and emergency tents. Not only are our products custom made to your requirements, they are made with stainless steel parts that won’t rust and can be easily disinfected and kept clean, waterproof and fire resistant tent material that will keep your patients out of harsh weather conditions. When you order with us, you can trust that only the highest quality materials go into making your medical or emergency tents.

American Tent manufactures our medical tents with high-quality parts that will hold up in harsh weather conditions and provide safety anywhere disaster strikes. We understand how vital high-quality materials are, which is why our tents are made with stainless steel metal parts that won’t rust and are easy to keep clean, heavy duty canvas that won’t tear or leak.

We understand that disaster waits for no one, and will do everything in our power to get your medical tent order to you as quickly as possible. You’ll get your medical emergency tent in days, rather than weeks, so you can help your community when they truly need it. 

We Offer Different Types of Medical Tents

Pop Up

Pop-up tents are the perfect on-the-go tent for emergency response. These tents can range from small to large, can be set up and torn down in minutes, and can be used in a variety of life-saving ways when it comes to addressing disaster. Whether you need to create a check-in area, multiple medical stations, isolation tents, or more, a pop-up tent can suit your needs.

Frame Tent

Frame tents are the quintessential tent to address the widest array of needs, especially when it comes to disaster preparedness and response. These tents are sturdy with easy-to-set-up frames that ensure durability even in the harshest weather conditions. Size and style can vary, so you’re sure to find a product that will work for your needs, whether that includes temporary housing, testing centers, and more.


Don’t forget about sidewalls when it comes to ordering a medical tent! Sidewalls can be added to most tents to give extra coverage, privacy, and ability to sanitize. No one wants bugs getting into a medical tent where stress is already high, or lack of privacy in some of the scariest times in people’s lives. Sidewalls will ensure you can focus on patient care instead of outside stressors.

Why Our Clients Think We are the Best Medical Tent Manufacturer

We know there are numerous tent manufactures you could choose from - so, why American Tent? Though the sentiment isn’t new, we truly believe in the power of putting the customer first. We know that our emergency and medical tents are used during some of the most difficult times of our client’s lives. We put your needs first, which is why we work hard to ensure first-rate customer service in selecting the tent that is perfect for your needs, creating with the highest-quality materials, and getting you your tent as quickly as possible, so you can help your community when you need it most.  

Have questions about our tents?

Have questions about our tents?

If you have any questions regarding medical and emergency tents, Call our sales team. This situation may be new to you, but they have the experience to make sure you--and the people counting on you--get exactly what is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Tents

What size of a medical tent do I need?

Determining what size medical tent you need is a matter of knowing how many people you need to cover and how many square feet of space you will need for each patient. Then, multiply the number of people by their square footage need for a total square footage needed. And don't forget: you can always just give us a call and we'll help you crunch the numbers.

What types of medical tents do you offer?

We offer medical tents for a wide range of uses. Our tents have been used for medical testing, including drive throughs, as well as temporary indoor patient rooms, emergency shelters in the wake of disasters, and as field hospitals.

Can American Tent manufacture custom size medical tents?

Most of our medical tents are, in fact, made custom. Each situation is different, so we understand the need to provide custom solutions at critical times. Contact our sales managers for your custom medical tent needs today.

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