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The Perfect Marriage of Quality and Service

A solid support system, high expectations, and a common goal: The same things that make a great marriage make a great tent. American Tent tents have stood witness to happy couples’ happy days for years. Trust us to supply you--or your clients--with the latest styles and perfect size tent for an unforgettable day. 

Whether you’re a couple seeking to blend in with the natural beauty of your venue or you’re looking to stand out against the night sky, American Tent makes the wedding tent of your dreams.

Stun with a clear top tent or feel like medieval royalty with a pole tent

Choose just the right size and style from our variety of options

Customise your experience with sidewalls that match your taste and style effortlessly

Weddings are too important to leave to an inferior tent manufacturer. Get the quality you need with the reliability you deserve by choosing American Tent. Our tents are an investment that will ultimately pay for themselves. Even better, our tents are made with love, right here in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Our caring workforce treat each order as if it were for the wedding of their own loved ones. 

Why should you say yes to the tent?

We are your partner: Buying online is easier than ever. And if you need some extra information or a helping hand, our award-winning customer service and friendly salespeople can walk you through any and all aspects of the tent buying process. Give us a call or chat at any point. 

We are here for you: We’re based in Green Bay, WI, so we’re only ever a time zone or two away.

We do what’s right: We have only the best processes, machines, and materials. You know you’ll get a high quality product you’ll be proud of.

We are your perfect match: American Tent will make you the tent of your dreams. Our team will design it to your exact specifications to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch. 

Why do we want you to say, “I do”?

You have standards, just like us. You want a quality tent that will last.

You appreciate knowing what you’re getting into and learning about your options before you commit. 

American manufacturing matters. Like us, you want to support American jobs and choose American made.

You’re know your market. You know what else is out there. You could pay too much or settle for less, but why? You value your time, budget, and resources--and so do we.

We love our clients even more than we love our tents. We proudly stand behind each product we make and are always ready to answer any questions you might have.

Have questions about our tents?

Have questions about our tents?

Call our sales manager Jake here in the office at 920.431.0938. He is ready with tent purchasing advice as well as weight lifting schedules, business book recommendations, and a list of the best places to tailgate before Green Bay football games.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Tents

What size tent do I need for my wedding?

What size tent do I need for my wedding is a question we hear all the time! And the answer... depends. What kind of seating you’d like to have, the number of guests, and space for extras like a DJ booth, dance floor, guest book, gifts table, etc, are all important to factor in before deciding the best size tent for your wedding. How big of a tent you need can seem tricky to figure out, but in the end it’s not too challenging. Use our size chart or give us a call to determine the best size for your special day.

How to keep a wedding tent cool?

Keeping your wedding tent cool is very important. You don’t want Grandma to faint or the groom to be dripping with sweat in the photos. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep cool even during the warmest temperatures. Air conditioner units can be installed easily, and our white blockout vinyl protects you and your guests from the sun.

How to heat a wedding tent?

Dreaming of a winter wonderland for your tent wedding? No problem! Heating a tent is easy thanks to American Tent’s heat safe tents. Our materials are flame retardant so you can bring in heaters and know you’ll be safe and cozy warm.

How to light a wedding tent?

How to light a wedding tent - or how to hang lights in a wedding tent - is no problem at all. Our frame and pole tents both lend themselves to a diverse selection of lighting. Whatever your theme, our tents will shine with your lighting choice. Tent rental companies have all kinds of resources and solutions to make sure your wedding is lit to perfection.

Can American Tent manufacture custom size wedding tents?

When your wedding calls for a custom made tent, American Tent is here for you. We are happy to make customized tents that will fit your exact specifications. Call us today to discuss a custom wedding tent for your big day.

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