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What kind of tent is a clear top tent?

A clear top tent is designed for frame tents.

How much does a tent cost?

A full 10 x 10 pole tent package starts at $1,354. Depending on your uses and needs, the price will go up with the cost of materials, style, and customization options.

What is a sidewall?

Sidewalls are walls you can purchase for your tent. In the tenting business, we usually refer to just the tent top as the “tent.” A fully covered tent--eg, one with walls--would be one with both the top and the sides, or “sidewalls.”

Do you sell party tents?

Yes! Awesome parties start with American Tent. Whether it’s a wedding, graduation, or any other celebration, we have the tent for you. Choose from our wide variety of styles--including clear top--and customize with sidewalls for the party of your dreams.

What are your tents made out of?

Our standard tents are made from 16 oz pvc blockout vinyl with 1000 denier strength (the strongest available).

What are your tent poles made out of?

Our poles are made from galvanized steel or anodized aluminum depending on the type of tent and pole options selected.

Do your tents work with other manufacturers’ poles and fittings?

Sometimes! Most of our frame tents will work with “west coast” style set ups. However, it’s best to call a sales manager to determine for sure.

Do your poles come in different colors? Or wood?

We don’t offer different colors or wood options at this time. But stay tuned!

Do you offer sailcloth tents?

Sailcloth and canvas are gorgeous materials for a tent. Unfortunately, they come at a premium price and are not as durable as vinyl. When we are able to produce them in a way that meets both our price and quality standards, we hope to offer these sharp-looking options.

Can I get samples of my vinyl options?

We’d be glad to send you a sample box. Request one here.

What’s the difference between marquee, cross-cable, and high peak?

Believe it or not, there is no difference! All these terms mean the same thing: A tent with a high peak supported by a pole and cable system at frame level.

What is a pagoda tent? Doesn’t that mean “weather” in Russian?

Pagoda does mean weather in Russian! A pagoda tent features a stately peak supported by a cone emerging from a crossed frame at the center.

Customization & Beyond

Can you make a custom size tent?

One of the many ways American Tent distinguishes ourselves from our competitors is our ability to design and engineer custom tents for our clients’ exact specifications. Talk to our salespeople about the perfect tent for you.

Can I get my logo on a tent?

Absolutely! We print all of our logos in-house using high quality material that looks great on our tents. Please send logo files in .ai or .eps format.

Can I get this in pink? Tell me what my color options are!

We love pink tents! In fact, if you’re looking for a tent for a breast-cancer related event, talk to us about special pricing. If you’d like any other color, we can help you find it.

Set-up & Maintenance

Where can I find tent setup guides?
You can find the setup guides for different tent sizes on the Tent Setup Guides page.
Do you make commercial grade tents?

Yes we do. Our vinyl is 16 oz, which complies with industry standards on commercial grade tents.

How many people do I need to help set up this tent?

Tent set up requirements can be commensurate with skill level. Some tents can be set up with just one person. Others require a crew. Reference your setup guide for crew size recommendations. We’re pleased to offer a frame jack from our McVey line of accessories that can help when you’re short staffed.

Does it matter what kind of surface I’m setting up on?

Great question! Pole tents are ideal for grass setups, whereas frame tents can be used on grass as well as concrete and blacktop surfaces--even sand!--with the help of our Tent Ballasting System.

How long will my tent last?

With proper care, tents can last years. The following factors can impact your tent’s longevity:

  • Weather
  • How long it stays up
  • How the customer handles it
  • Set-up
  • Storage

What if it snows?

Tents and snow don’t always go together, but in cases of less than a few inches of dry snow, our tents will be okay. Tents must be brushed clear of snow to prevent damage.


How long will it take to get my tent?

We’ve been known to have orders manufactured and shipped within 48 hours of your purchase, but our current lead time on tents and sidewalls is about one-two weeks. Shipping times vary and change daily. Please let us know if your order is a rush job, and please be aware that custom orders will take longer. Please also note that shipping times have been impacted by above average demands on shipping channels caused by COVID-19.

Where do you ship from?

We’ve got ambitious expansion plans, but as of right now, everything comes from our plant in Green Bay, WI.

Our Policies

Are your tents warrantied?

We have a limited warranty on our products. Check it out here.

Can I return my tent if I don’t like it?

If you receive a product from us you are not satisfied with, it may be eligible for return within 30 days of receiving the product. Contact your Sales Representative to fill out a Return of Merchandise Authorization form. American Tent will not accept any of the goods except under certain circumstances as set forth by an authorized RMA. The returned merchandise must be in undamaged and unused condition. Returning an item will result in a 25% restocking fee. You will be responsible for all freight charges associated with the return.

About American Tent

I’m just starting out in the tent rental business. What do I need to know?

Call our boss, Tony. Seriously! He loves helping out new “tentrepreneurs”. Email him or call him (920) 431-0938.

Who is actually making my tent?

We’ve got hard working Americans making our tents every day in our Green Bay facility. Coming from the bustling city itself as well as from surrounding small towns such as Two Rivers, Seymour, and Pulaski, our workforce is diverse and dedicated to making your tent the best it can be.

I picked up a bottle of your “Awesome Sauce” at your trade show and now I’m hooked. Where can I get more?

We’re hooked too! If we have the supply, we’d be happy to send you some. Request it here.

What’s the best way to contact you?

Chat us right here on our website, call 920.431.0938, email us, or fill out our contact form. Whatever works for you!

Do I want a pole tent or a frame tent?

Good question! It depends on what your objectives are. Pole tents are great for:

  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • Larger Sizes - Lengths up to 200 feet and beyond
  • Budget 

Frame tents, however, offer: 

  • More Usable Square Footage - No center poles to work around
  • Long Term Use - Tent frame supports tent top
  • Multi-Surface Use - Use with Tent Ballasting System on concrete/blacktop surfaces
Should I buy or rent a tent?

This is the eternal question. As much as we’d like to sell you a tent, it might not be your best option. First, ask yourself if you can see using the tent ever again beyond your first (only?) event. If you’re celebrating Grandma’s 100th in the backyard, that might qualify as a “one and done” occasion unless it looks like she’ll make it to 150. If you think you might be able to use your tent more than once or use it for an extended period of time, call a local rental company and get an estimate for a tent rental. Purchasing a tent can pay for itself in as few as 5 uses, but it only makes sense if you have the storage, ability, and desire to become a tent owner.

Have questions about our tents?

Have questions about our tents?

Jake here at American Tent HQ is on hand to answer questions about tents. Give him a call or an email! Fun fact: He will also provide suggestions for your fantasy football lineup, tips for how to not travel abroad, and what to eat when you're trying to "put on mass."

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