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Outdoor Party Tent Decorating Ideas

If you’re looking for a versatile venue option to bring the best of the outdoors and indoors together, then an event tent is a perfect choice! The amount of tent party ideas you can use to wow your guests is practically endless, and there truly is no other venue as customizable as an event tent. However, with such a blank slate to work with, you may be overwhelmed when it comes to dreaming up tent decorating ideas for your event. Look no further: here are some of our favorite party tent decorating ideas for any kind of event.

1. String Lights… Everywhere!

Not only are string lights versatile and now come in just about every style imaginable (check out these gorgeous Edison Bulbs!), but they are also easy to find and won’t break the bank. If you’re planning an outdoor event and don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for professional lighting installation, putting up string lights is a great DIY party tent decor idea that you and your guests will love. 

Lights Tent Decorating Ideas

2. Greenery Chandeliers

Looking for a way to wow your guests and add more greenery into your venue? Greenery chandeliers have been popping up all over Instagram and Pinterest, and for a good reason - they look absolutely gorgeous and aren’t that difficult to achieve. If you’ve got the funds to add chandeliers to your event tent, you can easily take them to the next level by draping various greens around and over them. Even a simple eucalyptus garland draped around a chandelier will bring your event to the next level of classy and whimsical in seconds.

Greenery Chandeliers Tent Decorating Ideas

3. Flower Walls

Speaking of whimsical… looking for the perfect photo backdrop and decor option all in one? Perfect for wedding photo backdrops, springtime events, and more, flower walls are a great idea to add to your outdoor tent event. These installations add a huge pop of color to a white event tent, and your guests will be dying to get a photo in front of it. Best of all, this can be achieved at any budget. Have a professional florist complete it for you, or try your hand at it yourself with this fun DIY project.

Flower Walls Tent Decorating Ideas

4. Projectors

Have a lofty tent decorating idea that’s just not achievable for your event? Bringing in a projector could be the answer! Whether you want to feel like you’re dancing in a flurry of snow on your wedding day, your company wants to incorporate your logos into the design of your venue, or any other visual component otherwise impossible, projectors can do it for you!

Projector Tent Decorating Ideas

5. A Dramatic Entryway

Set the theme and wow your guests from the very start by adding a dramatic entryway to your event tent. Even a simple backyard tent party will feel grander when guests are entering the tent through an arch of flowers, gorgeous draping, or even fun lighting. This will help set the mood for your entire event and give your guests an awesome photo opportunity before heading inside.

Dramatic Entryway Tent Decorating Ideas

6. Decorated Structures

Worried that the main frame/structure of your tent will look too industrial or not match your overall theme? Not to worry - central poles, tent frames, and other structural parts can all easily be decorated to match your theme. We’ve seen central poles and tent frames wrapped in greenery garlands, large floral installations, yards of tulle, string lights, and more.

Decorated Structures Tent Decorating Ideas

7. Custom Signs

Make your event yours and help out your guests with nifty, custom signs. With the number of custom creators on Etsy and other marketplaces, your options are nearly endless. Rustic wood seating charts, glowing neon initials of the newly-married couple, etched glass greetings, pounded metal logos… no matter what overall look you’re going for, there’s likely a custom sign out there that will match.

Custom Signs Tent Decorating Ideas

8. Vintage Rugs & Furniture

Make your guests feel at home in your event tent venue by bringing in a variety of rugs, chairs, and small couches. You can create a designated lounge area or scatter different rugs and pieces throughout your tent for an eclectic feel. Our favorite options are vintage pieces, as they tend to be timeless decor options you’ll love to look back on for years to come.

Vintage Elements Tent Decorating Ideas

9. Over-the-Top Centerpieces

Adding drama and flare to your outdoor event doesn’t require decorating the entire tent! Large centerpieces made with tall candelabras, ornate lanterns and frames, and more are a way to draw your guests’ eyes to the main event areas without having to deck out your entire tent.

Over the Top Centerpieces Tent Decorating Ideas

10. Hanging Decor

If you need ample room for your guests to move around and experience your event tent venue, the hanging decor is the perfect way to add decor without taking up valuable space. You can achieve this look with rented pieces like chandeliers, ornate lanterns, and professional lighting, or complete this yourself with draping greenery garlands, string lights, and more.

Hanging Decor Tent decorating Ideas

11. Trees and Plants

Paying thousands for a florist to bring in flowers that will only last the night isn’t the only way to add gorgeous color to your event. Opt for a more sustainable option by adding living plants and trees to your event tent. Create a winter wonderland with small evergreens, lush garden escapes with potted plants, tropical parties with palm trees, and more. The options are endless, and the best part? You can take your plants/trees home at the end of the event or gift them to attendees!

Trees and Plants Tent Decorating Ideas

12. Fabric Draping

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget the draping! Fabric adds class and elegance to your event tent and can be incorporated in many ways. Draping can be done on the ceiling to provide a swooping, whimsical look, tulle can be wrapped around tent poles, and grand entrances can be created with swooping curtains.

Fabric Draping Tent Decorating Ideas
No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, these outdoor tent decorating ideas should give you the inspiration you need to create the venue of your dreams! And if you get stuck in the planning process, American Tent is always here to help your event tent dreams become a reality.

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