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April 26, 2022Best In Tents

how to heat a party tent in winter

Hosting a winter event in a tent may seem daunting, but with the right preparation, it can be a magical and memorable experience for your guests. By creating a cozy and warm atmosphere inside the tent, while still incorporating the beauty of the winter landscape outside, you can make your event truly special. If you're unsure of how to plan a winter tent event, don't worry. There are many ways to make your winter tent event a success. Here is everything you need to know:

Which Type of Tent Should You Use for Snowy Weather?

When planning a winter party, it is important to select an outdoor winter party tent that prioritizes premium shelter and warmth for your guests. No matter what tent you decide on, we recommend adding sidewalls to enclose the entire tent and keep the warm air in. We also recommend keeping key safety factors in mind. American Tent reminds you that although a tent can stay up for as long as the end user wants, it’s important to note all American Tents are non-engineered temporary structures. There is no wind or snow rating on any of the American Tents tents and sidewalls.

Frame Tents

Frame tents are a popular choice for winter parties due to their commercial grade frame structure and ability to withstand harsh weather elements, providing a sturdy and stable shelter, warmth and an inviting atmosphere for guests. Frame tents are a great winter canopy tent option for cold temperatures. When the cold ground is too frozen to drive stakes into, frame tents can be safely secured with our Tent Ballasting System or heavy concrete blocks when staking is not possible.

Clear Top Tents

Clear top tents use the same durable frame structure as our frame tents. With that said, the clear top material is slightly less durable than our white blockout vinyl due to the nature of construction. Clear tent tops will be more fragile in cold temperatures and susceptible to cracking. Using a clear top tent for your winter party will require a heater in freezing temperatures. Our toasty-warm custom heated tents with a clear top have been a hit for winter weddings and outdoor dining.

Pagoda Tents

winter party tent

The dramatic peak of our pagoda tents makes for a great winter party tent. The steep slope aids the snow to melt and slide off the tent top. Pagoda Tents are small but mighty, available in size 10x10 and built to withstand strong winds. The keder walls and zipper openings create a great seal, keeping warm air in and cold air out. These tents are as dependable and solid as they are on-trend.

Pop-Up Tents

Good things come in small packages — and even better things come with their own roller bags. Our heavy-duty pop-up tents are your ideal solution for winter pop-up tents on the go. Get 10' x 10' or 10' x 20' of coverage with our cold weather pop-up tents available in red, white, or blue that can make anywhere a party.

How to Heat a Party Tent in Winter

When planning a winter outdoor event, one of the biggest concerns is how to winterize a tent and keep guests warm and comfortable. Fortunately, there are various methods and techniques that can be used to ensure that your event tent remains warm and cozy, even in the face of cold winter weather. Here are some tips on how to winterize a tent for your event.

Select a Heater

how to keep a party tent warm in winter

​Obviously, your guests won’t have much fun if they are shivering throughout the party. The good news is that you can definitely keep a tent warm in the winter with multiple tent heating options. One popular choice for heating a tent in winter is propane heaters.

Propane heaters are an affordable, dependable, and efficient option for heating an outdoor heated air tent. They don't take up too much space, are quiet and can be found at different price points. The key to using propane heaters safely is to choose the right size heater for your space and follow safety guidelines.

  • Look for the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) label.
  • Make sure your heater has a functional oxygen sensor, overheat protection, and automatic shut-off if it tips over.
  • Make sure the propane heater is never left unattended. 
  • Never put anything on top of or too close to the heater.

Your heated winter party tent is not complete with a cold floor. Your guests will be more comfortable if you go the extra mile and install event tent flooring. Provide an enclosed party tent with our custom tent sidewalls.

Consider the Area of the Tent

When you are searching for heated tents for parties, American Tent is a great solution to keep your guests warm and comfortable throughout the event. It is important to choose the right size tent and heating equipment to ensure that the tent is adequately heated. It's also important to follow safety guidelines and consult with an expert to make sure that your event runs smoothly and your guests stay warm and comfortable. Our experienced customer care team is happy to help answer any questions you may have. The first step in warming a tent in winter is to determine the number of guests you plan to invite, as well as seating arrangements, and any additional amenities such as a DJ or dance floor. This will help you choose the right size tent.

Once you've determined the size of the tent, you can start thinking about how to heat a party tent in winter. For example, a 30 x 30-foot tent might only need one heat source, while a 40 x 60 tent might need two or more. It's important to follow safety guidelines and ask an expert to ensure worry-free heat.

Use a Diffuser

When planning an outdoor tent for cold weather events, it is important to ensure that guests have ample space to spread out and enjoy the party without huddling around the heater. One way to achieve this is by using a diffuser when heating the tent with a propane heater.

A diffuser is a simple device that attaches to the output of the propane heater and helps to distribute heat evenly throughout the tent. This not only increases efficiency, but also reduces fuel costs. Diffusers are easy to install, taking up very little space. They can be tucked under the sidewall of the tent and attached to the heater which can then remain outside of the tent.

Investing in a diffuser on the front end can save money in the long run and provide a comfortable environment for your guests. It ensures that guests can enjoy the party without huddling around the heater to stay warm. With the use of a diffuser, guests can move around freely and enjoy the winter event.

Make Sure the Tent Is Sealed

outdoor winter party tent

Even the best heater won’t be able to efficiently heat your tent when it’s cold out. That’s why you want to make sure your tent is made from high-quality materials that can withstand harsh weather. Make your tent features include:

  • Fire-resistant vinyl that is compatible with any heater.
  • 100% waterproof vinyl.
  • Vinyl and framing that can withstand harsh weather.
  • Weather-resistant coated buckles and framing.

Winter Party Tent Tips

Host a successful and memorable cold-weather party with our top winter party tent tips.

  1. Choose the right tent: When hosting a tent party in the winter, it's important to choose a tent with a sturdy frame and heavy-duty cover that can withstand harsh winter weather conditions. Frame tents are popular choices for their strong frame and ability to withstand weather elements.
  2. Accessibility: make your guests as comfortable as possible with heating, flooring and lighting. If you’re expecting snow and ice, be sure to keep salt and a shovel on hand.
  3. Ventilation: Ensure proper ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide buildup.
  4. Entertainment: Plan entertainment activities to keep guests entertained and engaged throughout the party.
  5. Food and Drinks: Provide warm and hearty food and drinks to keep guests warm and satisfied.
  6. Emergency Plan: Have an emergency plan in place in case of power failure or other unforeseen circumstances.


American Tent is confident in the quality of our tents. Whether you're holding an event in the winter or any other season, we can ensure its success. If you’re planning an outdoor winter event, contact us today!

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