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November 02, 2022Best In Tents

Your wedding should be one of the best days of your life. One of your biggest questions will be “Where should we get married?”. You envision all of your friends and family dancing to your favorite 90’s hip-hop songs, but not in a generic hotel ballroom. Instead, consider hosting your wedding in a favorite outdoor space with an elegant tent to keep you covered as you dance the night away.

Tents range in price from $500 - $20,000 depending on styles and wedding size. Tent wedding prices vary depending on your budget! You can start your search with American Tent where they have wedding tents for sale that will accommodate any size wedding from your small, intimate wedding to the biggest wedding of the season.  Keep an eye out for monthly specials, ensuring you seize fantastic savings for your big day!

Factors to Consider When Creating Your Wedding Tent Budget

tent wedding prices

There are many things to consider when selecting a tent for your big day. Tent prices for weddings vary with tent size and design. It will be important to have an estimate of the number of guests in attendance, the square footage of your outdoor space, and if you will need additional tents to create space for catering. Below we will discuss some of the many options you will have for your special day!

Wedding Tent Type

You might be surprised to learn how many options you will have when it comes to selecting the perfect wedding tent. Outdoor wedding tent prices can vary depending on which option you choose. From easy to set up pop-up tents to elegant high-peak tents, there is a tent for every wedding celebration.

  • Pole Tents: A pole tent is the perfect option for your botanical garden or backyard wedding! Pole tents stake into grassy areas for easy, convenient set-up and take down. Tents range in size from those intimate enough to host your closest friends and family to large tents that comfortably hold wedding parties of more than 300. You can choose between square or rectangle layouts to fit your dinner and dance floor needs!
  • Frame Tents: A frame tent is an extremely versatile option for your big day. Frame tents can be set up on any surface-including concrete! Easy to set-up and take down, leaving you and your guests more time to dance the night away. Similar to pole tents, frame tents offer a range of sizes and layouts. 
  • High Peak Tents: Also known as marquee or cross cable tents, high peak tents can give your wedding an elegant flair. Do not let their upscale appearance fool you, they are super easy to set up! Choose between a 10x10 tent or 20x20 tent for a special cocktail bar space or unique photo booth. 
  • Pop-up Tents: A pop-up tent is a great option if you are planning a wedding with an outdoor aspect. Keep your bartenders (and drinks!) cool while guests mingle in the yard during cocktail hours. A pop-up tent would also make a great photo-op area before the guests enter the main venue. 

Wedding Tent Size

prices of wedding tents

You’ve made your guest list and have a venue in mind-now it’s time to decide what size wedding tent will best suit your needs! There are a few things to consider as you select the best wedding tent for your party. Use the American Tent Size Calculator to help you find the tent that best fits your needs and estimate average wedding tent prices.

  • One Big Party: If you are hoping for a large open space that will double as a ceremony and reception space, consider going large! A 40x60 tent size is perfect for a sit-down dinner with 200 guests. The price of a big wedding tent will depend on the style! 
  • Outdoor hors d'oeuvres: Maybe you have the perfect indoor venue but want to utilize a beautiful outdoor space as well? Set up a 10x10 or 20x10 tent for cocktail hour your guests will not forget! 
  • Two is better than one: Whether you want to separate your dance floor from your dinner area or a spot for guests to rest and hydrate during the slower songs, two (or more tents) might be what you need to create your perfect wedding space. 

The Grade of Wedding Tent

You know you need to decide on size and style of tent, but grade? While researching your options you may find both commercial and consumer tents available for purchase. There are some key differences between commercial and consumer grade wedding tents you need to know before you make your decision. One difference is in the wedding tent prices! Consumer tents will be more budget friendly and are designed to last your family years. A consumer grade tent would be perfect for your wedding and your annual summer neighborhood BBQ. They are quality made, water proof, and easy to set-up. A commercial grade tent is designed to be durable for daily, repetitive use and tends to be more expensive. Commercial grade tents are a good option if you are going to be renting the tent out for regular events and need something durable enough to withstand daily set-up and take down.

Additions You May Need

tent wedding prices

You’ve picked the venue and the perfect size and type of tent for your big day. You are ready for the finishing touches! Below we discuss the last details to make sure your wedding tents are both practical and comfortable for you and your guests! The basic wedding tent price may not include these extras. 

  • Liner: A tent liner creates an elegant, ballroom effect inside of the tent. Billows of fabric cascade down the dome of the tent making for beautiful photos. They even come in a variety of colors! However, a liner can be costly. We will discuss more budget friendly ideas to create this ambience below.
  • Walls: Tent walls can be fabric, clear, or fabric with windows! Walls can provide additional protection from the outdoors whether that be rain, sun, or cool weather. Depending on your region's climate and forecast, it may be necessary to be ready for any type of weather. Remember rain is a lucky sign on your wedding day! If you are guaranteed to have perfect weather, you may opt for an open air ceremony and reception. 
  • Flooring: Shoes and shirts may not be optional but flooring is! You may want to have a floor under the entire tent or only in one section for the dance floor. Another consideration is your dress code. If you anticipate guests wearing heels, flooring throughout your outdoor venue is a necessity! Flooring can also be great to even out unlevel ground. Tent flooring can be costly, so make sure your budget takes your tent’s square footage into consideration. 
  • Heating and Cooling: Thinking about a spring or fall wedding? Do you live in a state where the forecast has a mind of its own? Don’t worry! Industrial fans can help keep your squad from breaking too much of a sweat on the dance floor. Furnaces designed to heat tents can also keep guests comfortably warm while they enjoy dinner. Fans and furnaces ensure that you can say “I do” in any season!
  • Catering Tent: If your wedding venue is an outdoor space without an indoor kitchen or dining area, you may need to have a smaller tent serve as a catering tent. This tent is where your caterers are able to prepare and plate dinners, store your late night snack, and also manage the dirty dishes. This keeps all the mess and noise out of the main tent and gives staff room to work. Make sure you add heating or cooling to this tent too! 

Things to Remember

Details, details, details! There are so many things to remember as you plan a wedding. Besides considering wedding tent prices and sizes, below is a list of additional backyard wedding ideas to inspire you as your big day approaches. 

  • Electricity: Whether your wedding will take place on remote property or in an outdoor space at a botanical garden, it is important to consider how your lights and music will be powered. You may need a generator or extra extension cords. 
  • Restrooms: If your event space does not have a bathroom on site, remember to rent a facility for your guests. Porta potties are an affordable option but a portable bathroom trailer may be more comfortable for your guests. 
  • Zoning: If your wedding will be held on private property, no worries! Check with local ordinances to be sure that you can host a wedding on public property and what the laws are pertaining to music, food, and alcohol on the premises. 
  • Set-up and storage: No matter where you are hosting your wedding, you will need to account for the time (and hands!) that are necessary for setting up your outdoor venue. Although our tents are designed to be user friendly, they may take some time to set up and configure. After you’ve danced the night away, remember to store your tent in a dry place to avoid mold and mildew! 

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Tent

tent wedding prices

When you are planning a wedding, you have a lot of decisions to make. Choosing your wedding tent doesn’t have to be quite as time-consuming. Some basic tips for choosing a wedding tent include consideration of:

  • Season - Winter weddings will likely require tents with sidewalls, tent flooring, and some kind of heating element(s). During summer months, plan for shelter from the sun. And always have a back-up plan for high winds and rain.
  • Number of guests - Make sure you choose the right size tent based on the number of guests who will be attending. 
  • Dining arrangements - Whether you are planning on buffet style dining or formal banquet dining, you will need to know table sizes and seats for the right size tent. Keep in mind other stations, such as cocktails and gift tables too. 
  • Surface considerations - Take into account the type of surface where the tent will be set up. If you're setting up on grass or soft ground that can be staked into, a pole tent could be a great choice with center poles creating elegant peaks. However, if you're setting up on a hard surface like concrete, or if staking is not possible due to venue restrictions, a classic west-coast frame tent or an innovation keder frame tent that doesn't require staking could be a more suitable option.

Average Wedding Tent Prices

How much does a wedding tent cost? The prices of wedding tents vary depending on the grade (consumer vs. commercial), size, and type of tent. Below we will discuss the pricing of several tent options to give you an idea of how to budget for your wedding day. Large wedding tent prices tend to be higher along with clear wedding tent prices. There is a wedding tent option for every party!

  • 20x40 Options: A 20x40 tent will comfortably seat approximately 66 people for dinner. Style options for tents in this size include clear tents, frame tents, and pole tents. Wedding tent prices for 20x40 tents vary by style and design. A clear wedding tent price in this size will be approximately $8,300. A basic wedding tent price for a frame tent will cost approximately $5,600 and a pole tent will cost approximately $4,500. This size is a great option for a more intimate wedding!
  • 40x80 Options: This spacious tent, available as a frame style or pole style, comfortably seats more than 200 guests. The price of a big wedding tent, such as this size, is approximately $18,500 for a frame style or $13,500 as a pole style. Remember, a pole style tent requires a grassy area!
  • 40x100 Options: A 40x100 wedding tent can seat more than 300 people comfortably for dinner. This tent can be purchased in a frame or pole tent style. The tent top is designed as five sections, providing tremendous flexibility. You can easily adjust the size of your tent by adding or removing segments and poles. This versatility is perfect not only for your current event but also for any future outdoor events. Large wedding tent prices range between $17,000 and $23,000 depending on style and customizations.

To Rent or to Buy?

You may never find another use for the 25 glass vases that you purchased for table centerpieces. However, a wedding tent purchase is one you can use for years to come! Renting a wedding tent can cost between $5,000-$12,000 depending on the tent, flooring, walls and other accessories. Purchasing a tent, although more expensive upfront, gives you the convenience of already having a shelter for future family gatherings, graduations, and birthday parties! Remember, if you buy, you will need to decide between a consumer or commercial grade tent!


Wedding planning is not a walk in the park, but finding the perfect wedding tent should be a piece of cake! Have you found the perfect outdoor space and are wondering “how much are wedding tents?” Start your search and plan for your perfect day with American Tent!

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