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The 6 Types of Portable Outdoor Shelters

All tents offer portability, but certain types may be more suited to your specific venue or transportation capabilities. It's important to consider factors like the duration of setup, the number of components, and the anchoring method to ensure you select the best tent for your needs.

  1. Pop-up Tent: The go-to choice for portable outdoor shelter, pop-up tents are a win in terms of portability and convenience. They come with a compact size and a convenient transportation roller bag, making them your go-to partner for on-the-go shelter. Ideal for a weekly farmers' market or even function as a portable garage for protected auto work, pop-up tents are the epitome of convenience and ease.
  2. High Peak Tents: These are also popular portable options, particularly due to their small footprint, available in sizes like 10x10 or 20x20. Known for their ease of setup, high peak tents are often referred to as 'weekender tents' for their ability to travel and be installed quickly – perfect for short-term shelter needs and weekend celebrations.
  3. Pole Tents: When it comes to large portable structures, pole tents stand out. Their structure, requiring only central and leg poles, means fewer pieces are needed for assembly and no heavy equipment required, enhancing their portability. However, it's essential to note that they are best suited for grass or other stake-able surfaces.
  4. West Coast Frame Tent: Frame tents are designed to accompany you anywhere and can be set up on virtually any surface, including parking lots, thanks to our tent ballasting system. The sturdy frame structure not only makes these tents ideal for long-term usage but also ensures that every inch underneath the tent is fully usable. This maximizes the space available, making frame tents an excellent choice not just for events, but also as efficient storage solutions.
  5. Clear Tents: As a type of frame tent, clear party tents are also designed with portability in mind. But remember that clear top tents, much like greenhouses, have the ability to absorb sunlight, leading to an increase in temperature underneath your tent. Their anodized aluminum poles are not only lightweight for optimal portability and ease of installation but also extremely strong, offering a balance of convenience and durability. 
  6. Keder Tents: While being the top option for long-term tent installations, keder tents also offer portability if needed. As another type of frame tent, they feature the lightweight nature of anodized aluminum poles, making transportation straightforward and hassle-free, even for longer-term storage or shelter needs. They commonly serve as dependable shelters for vehicles like cars, motorcycles, or boats, especially when garages don’t have space.

No matter your event's nature or location, our range of portable shelters ensures that you can find the ideal tent solution.

Portable Outdoor Shelter Enhance Event Flexibility

Portable shelters can significantly enhance your business, offering flexibility and convenience for a variety of events. 

Whether you're orchestrating an intimate backyard gathering, a lavish outdoor wedding in a scenic location, or setting up an elegant corporate lounge at a high-profile trade show, our commercial tents are tailored to meet your needs. The ability to transport your shelter seamlessly to different venues opens up a world of possibilities for event planning.

At American Tent, our main goal is customer satisfaction. This commitment drives our continuous innovation, aimed at making our products more user-friendly and life easier for our clients. A crucial aspect of this innovation is enhancing the portability of our shelters. After all, the ability to easily transport your tent is fundamental to organizing a successful event. 

Our commercial-grade tents have been thoughtfully designed and our dedicated team has streamlined the packaging process. 

This efficiency not only allows for easy shipping but also ensures our customers can transport their tents effortlessly to their event venues. Concerned about long tent poles not fitting in your vehicle? We've got you covered with a secure splice for long tent poles, optimizing transportation without compromising on strength.

To complete your tent setup, consider our easy-to-attach tent sidewalls. These portable additions not only enhance the style of your shelter but also provide additional weather protection. 

With these options, you can choose the perfect style to match the vibe of your event: 

  • solid white
  • clear
  • window
  • cafe style
  • the ability to add doors

Additionally, don't underestimate the value of tent tools designed to simplify your life. 

  • Our frame jacks can take the heavy lifting off your install crew
  • Drop cloths during installation protect your tent top from potential damage
  • And when it's time to pack up, our stake pullers make the process quick and effortless.

Bring the shelter wherever you go with our portable tents, ready to be the highlight of your next event. Start your purchase by exploring our options or reach out to our helpful team by calling 920-431-0938. With American Tent, your next event is bound to be a success.

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