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March 06, 2018Best In Tents

American Tent is here to provide you with high-quality, custom-made commercial party tents. Whether you’re in need of a pole or frame tent, you have specific features in mind, or you want to add a touch of elegance with a sidewall, we are proud to serve you with fully customizable party tents, handcrafted in the USA. Browse our selection of tents for sale, or contact us to learn more about our custom-made commercial party tents.

While there are many benefits to buying a custom-made tent from American Tent, one of these is that you’re buying an American made product. With so many options on the market in relation to commercial party tents, some people may be wondering what the benefits of purchasing an American-made tent has over purchasing a tent made overseas. In this post, we will look at a few of those reasons, helping you see why American Tent is your best choice for custom-made party tents online.

All Of Our Tents Are Locally Made

All tents from American Tent are made locally in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We take a lot of pride in being a small, locally owned business, as well as pride in our team of great workers. By purchasing a custom-made party tent from American Tent, you are not only supporting a small and locally owned business, you are also helping all of our employees to continue making high-quality handmade products.

Our Custom-Made Tents are High-Quality

While you may initially choose a tent made by an overseas manufacturer because of the lower cost, you’re likely to receive a tent of lower quality, especially in comparison to a tent made domestically. Commercial party tents made overseas are made in much higher quantities, meaning that the quality control is much lower. With a higher emphasis on quantity over quality, the likelihood of purchasing an item that may have a defect is much higher, as the people responsible for making the tent didn’t have the time or desire to treat each tent with a commitment to crafting a high-quality product. When you buy commercial party tents from American Tent, you are buying an item of great quality.

Unlike tents made overseas, each and every tent made at American Tent is made by hand. In doing this, we are able to ensure that each tent meets our quality standards, and we are there to oversee the entire manufacturing process to ensure that our tents are up to our standards. Fewer defects results in more durability and a longer lifespan, allowing you to enjoy your custom-made commercial party tent for years to come.

Get Your Tent Sooner, For Less

Another benefit of purchasing an American-made commercial party tent is simple but incredibly important–shipping! When you make the decision to buy a tent that was made overseas, you have to wait for a longer amount of time to receive your tent, as it isn’t being shipped domestically. Additionally, because of it having to be shipped to you from overseas, you will inevitably have to pay a higher shipping cost, as well as deal with all the details in relation to customs fees.

By choosing American Tent for all of your custom-made party tent needs, you will receive a higher quality tent in a shorter amount of time. Because of the fact that we will be shipping the tent domestically, you will receive your tent sooner than if you ordered a tent from a company overseas. Additionally, shipping costs will be considerably less, and you won’t have to pay any additional customs fees.

Those are just a few benefits that come with buying American-made, custom party tents from American Tent. A higher quality tent in a fraction of the time for an affordable price? It’s the truth, and at the end of the day, providing our customers with the highest quality tents and customer service is of the utmost importance to us. Whether you’re looking for a tent for your next outdoor event or something for your rental company, American Tent is committed to providing our customers with the absolute best in custom-made commercial party tents. Contact us to learn more about our custom-made party tents, or shop our selection of pole and frame tents today!

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