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Trust in Heavy Duty Canopy Frames for Event Protection

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Not all canopy frames are created equal. 

Taking a close look at the details and specs before you commit is a must to ensure you're getting the top-quality in terms of materials. The right material choice is key to rock-solid reliability and safety. So, put safety right at the top of your list. 

When you're thinking about investing, make sure that your sights are set on a commercial grade canopy frame that has these essential features:

  • 2” diameter anodized aluminum poles with a ⅛” wall width, ensuring corrosion resistance & durability.
  • Galvanized steel frame fittings and stable baseplates, offering unmatched, anti-rust stability.
  • Double tube rafter poles offer enhanced support and reinforcement for larger frame tents.

Choosing a commercial grade frame is a decision you'll always appreciate. 

Throughout your search, you’ll notice tent frames come in various categories, including those with materials like white plastic connectors or thinner metal poles. It's crucial to recognize that such materials don't hold up well in the long run. Your investment in durability pays off significantly as your canopy frame stays in pristine condition over time.

Frame tents are a popular choice due to their strong construction, unobstructed interior space, and affordable price. Not only that, the frame’s construction allows your tent to be set up on a variety of surfaces - whether you are staking it into the ground or using a tent ballasting system on concrete. 

American Tent is dedicated to providing high quality canopies and frames. Every piece is crafted right here in the USA, using only the finest materials available. Rest assured, our collaboration with reliable shipping services ensures punctual deliveries. If you're gearing up for a grand celebration, simply add that perfect canopy frame to your cart or reach out to our knowledgeable customer service team – we're here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions about Frames for Canopies

Which canopy frame comes with double tube rafter poles?

Each canopy frame that is 30x30 in size or larger uses double tube rafter poles.

Will American Tent frames be compatible with a tent top from another tent manufacturer?

If you own a West-Coast frame tent top, chances are good that it will be compatible with our West-Coast canopy frame. Get in touch with our sales team for more clarification.

Can I pick up my canopy frame from your facility?

Yes! You are more than welcome to pay us a visit and save on shipping costs.

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