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May 10, 2018Best In Tents

American Tent wants nothing more than to provide our customers with the best in custom-made frame tents, pole tents and sidewalls. Whether you’re looking for something simple for hosting intimate events, or something for larger corporate settings, American Tent has something for a variety of tastes, offering custom-made tents and sidewalls for a variety of settings. To learn more about our products and how we can best serve your needs, contact American Tent today.

In our last blog post, we talked about a few different applications for custom-made vinyl sidewalls, from restaurants, to outdoor events, to your home. One great reason to use sidewalls has to do with inclement and unpredictable weather conditions, and rather than briefly touch on it in our previous blog post, we decided to dedicate an entire blog post to it, showing you the many different ways that you can use custom-made vinyl sidewalls to accommodate your needs when encountering less-than ideal weather conditions.


Is your restaurant in a gorgeous and attractive part of town? Does it have an outdoor seating area that can accommodate a large portion of people, but is out of commission during some of the colder months of the year? There’s no need to sacrifice your customers having an ideal and pleasing dining experience, nor is it necessary to sacrifice being able to serve the needs of as many customers as possible. Your formerly “seasonal” outdoor seating arrangements can now be year-round with the use of high-quality custom-made vinyl sidewalls from American Tent.

By surrounding your outdoor seating space with custom sidewalls, you will successfully be able to sit your customers outside, even in some of the colder months of the year. By installing space heaters or other similar heating systems, you’ll be able to balance the colder temperature, allowing your customers to still enjoy all the beauty of the outdoors, while still feeling the comfort and warmth of the indoors. Additionally, if you’re enjoying an otherwise wonderful outdoor dining experience, only to notice storm clouds starting to appear, there’s no need to frantically panic and find a way to bring your customers indoors. Our sidewalls will do a great job of allowing your customers to continue to enjoy a fantastic outdoor dining experience while shielding them and their meals from the elements.

Protect Outdoor Events

In our previous post, we talked about the aesthetic benefits of adding sidewalls to your custom-made pole or frame tent, but they also possess a very useful, functional purpose as well. Adding sidewalls to your custom tent will not only let in sunshine and lend a touch of elegance to your tent’s overall look, they can also do a great job of shielding your guests from the elements, should you encounter inclement weather conditions. No need to worry about cancelling your event; it can continue rain or shine!

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Those are just a few examples of how our custom-made vinyl sidewalls can serve your needs in inclement weather. American Tent is proud to provide our customers with the best in custom-made tents and sidewalls, ensuring that each tent is of quality and to the standards of our customers. To learn more about American-made custom tents and sidewalls, contact American Tent today!

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