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May 10, 2018Best In Tents

Are sidewalls important

Sidewalls are some of the best event tent accessories you can invest in for your tent. Not only do they add style to your event tent, but they serve an important function, too.

At American Tent, our custom tent sidewalls can be created to match any style or size preference. Whether you need sidewalls for a medical tent, outdoor warehouse, outdoor event, or more, sidewalls can be the perfect addition.

Why To Buy Sidewalls For Your Tent?

What makes a party tent with sidewalls better than a tent without? Sidewalls add style and function to your event tent, and have many benefits, including:

Protection from ​​rain and other wet weather 

No one wants to work wet, or attend an event and get drenched. Even in a covered event tent, rain can make its way into your covered space. American Tent sidewalls ensure your tent, guests, and event decor stay dry and secure even in inclement weather.

It can make you warmer

Sidewalls Tent can make you warmer

A party tent with sidewalls is far easier to keep temperature regulated. In a temperate climate, simply adding sidewalls may be enough to keep your event warmer than outside and comfortable for guests.

Best of all, you get to keep your guests comfortable while still enjoying the benefits of an outdoor event. Tent sidewalls with windows will allow your guests to still enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the elements.

Keep the air still

Even if it isn’t particularly cold, a windy day can be a disaster for any event. Heavy wind can completely ruin the setup within your tent, blowing away decor and other materials, and your guests won’t be comfortable, either. Sidewalls enable you to shelter from the wind and keep the air still within your tent.

Need to climate-control your tent? Sidewalls can help!

Sidwalls tent

Sometimes, a party tent with sidewalls will still be too cold in extreme weather. Luckily, sidewalls make it far easier to control the temperature inside your tent. If you are going to pay for an industrial a/c unit or heater, you want to ensure it stays within your tent. Sidewalls make this possible, and help you regulate your tent temperature as efficiently as possible.

What Sidewalls to Choose?

Sidewalls come in various styles that can fit any event or use of your tent. Which style is right for you? Here are a few of the most popular American Tent sidewalls that we recommend: 

Clear Tent Sidewalls

Want to keep your event as natural and outdoors as possible while still having a party tent with sidewalls? Clear sidewalls are perfect for you. They’ll still provide protection from the elements, but you can still see outside and you’ll barely know they are there! 

Solid Tent Sidewalls

Solid tents

Solid sidewalls make great additions to outdoor warehouses, medical tents, temporary garages, and more. They offer the ultimate privacy, as they are completely solid and can’t be seen into or out of. They can also help you achieve an intimate feel for an outdoor event, offering an enclosed venue you can decorate in any style.

Cafe Tent Sidewalls

If you’re looking for added style, cafe tent sidewalls are here to deliver. Typically solid with some clear sections to see out of, these sidewalls are beautiful and add a lot of style. They are the perfect choice for a wedding or other large, stylized outdoor event.

Tent Sidewalls with Windows

You get the best of both words if you choose tent sidewalls with windows. You will still be completely protected from the elements, but get a gorgeous view of the outdoors. This helps you create a more intimate and private feel than clear sidewalls, while still allowing you to see outside.

Custom Tent Sidewalls

Can’t seem to find sidewalls that are just right for your needs? American Tent custom sidewalls are the perfect choice. Our custom sidewalls can be made in a variety of sizes, colors, styles, and more. If it doesn’t exist yet, we’ll work with you to create just what you’re envisioning! Custom sidewalls create a truly unique, one-of-a-kind style for your event tent.

Why Choose American Tents and Sidewalls?

Working with an overseas company can be time consuming and frustrating, not to mention poorer quality products. Investing in an American tent & sidewall manufacturer means higher quality products and fast turnaround and shipping times. All of the products at American Tent are made right here in the USA, and are built to last. Our support team is ready and available to help you when you need it, and you’ll love working with our local team.


No matter what kind of outdoor event you’re planning, you need proper protection from the elements. Sidewalls offer that protection, and add a stunning style and elegance to any tent. If you are ready to invest in tent sidewalls you’ll love, American Tent is here to help.

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