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March 26, 2018Now Trending

American Tent is committed to serving our customers with the best in custom made party tents. Whether you’re looking for something for commercial purposes or something simply for entertaining guests, we work hard to provide you with a custom made tent that’s manufactured to your exact specifications. All of our tents are manufactured right here in Green Bay, Wisconsin, meaning that your tent will ship domestically, allowing us to keep costs low. To learn more about our high quality custom made party tents, contact American Tent today.

In part one of our blog series, we looked at a few examples of how having a custom made party tent can be of benefit to you when planning a wedding. From being able to customize it to your specific needs, to relying on it after not being able to find an appropriate venue to rent, custom made pole and frame tents can help make your wedding exactly as you envisioned it to be. Wrapping things up in part two of our blog series, here are a few more examples of how custom made party tents can work for your wedding.

You’re A Parent With Many Kids

If you’re a parent that has had the pleasure of raising a larger sized family, investing in a custom made party tent will be a solid investment to make. Multiple children getting married means the possibility of having to spend a considerable amount of money on weddings. One great way to cut costs for a wedding without sacrificing quality, style or sentimentality is to invest in a high quality custom made tent from American Tent. Not only will you not have to worry about having to find a specific venue to host your wedding or reception for each child, but you’ll be able to create something of a family tradition in a way, with your party tent serving as the gathering place for all of your guests on each special occasion.

You Simply Prefer An Outdoor Wedding

While some people prefer to have their weddings at a rented indoor venue, many people love the open air charm of an outdoor wedding. While there are so many options and ways to host a wedding outdoors, a custom made tent from American Tent can help you make your wedding look its absolute best.

In having a wedding outdoors, you also have no control over how the weather for the day will turn out. Plan ahead as much as you like, the unexpected nature of weather can very easily turn a perfect day into a less than ideal scenario. If you’ve decided on having an outdoor wedding, you can simply plan ahead by getting a custom made party tent, complete with sidewalls. The tent itself will protect the wedding party and guests from whatever ugly weather may be occurring outdoors, and the sidewalls will provide your tent with adequate support from blowing winds.

Those are a few more reasons as to how a custom made party tent from American Tent can help make your wedding a fantastic and memorable experience. American Tent is proud to provide our customers with affordable and high quality custom made tents. Made domestically in America’s heartland, we are able to offer you optimum quality and service while keeping costs low. Whether you’re looking to order something for use at home, or a tent for commercial use, American Tent has a wide variety of options to help you build a tent that perfectly suits your needs. To learn more about our custom American-made party tents, get in touch with us today!

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