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Giffy Ballasts 4-pack TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

(base plates included)

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Giffy Ballasts 4-pack TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

(base plates included)

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Easy on Your Back and Your Bottom Line

When stakes aren’t possible, the Giffy Ballasting System is ready for the job. Better than cement blocks or water barrels, Giffy Ballasts are a fast and easy-to-transport solution for securing your tent.

  • Lighter--much lighter--than cement blocks; they weigh only 30 lbs when empty 
  • Easy to transport--nothing more than a pickup required
  • Stackability maximizes your storage space 
  • Recommended for tents 30-wide or smaller

If subzero temperatures are expected, add antifreeze to the water in your Giffy barrels. We advise using non-toxic RV antifreeze, as auto antifreeze is sweet and attracts animals. Follow directions on the container for correct water-to-antifreeze ratio. 

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Helpful instructions and guides

Fill with water from hose, empty through hole near the bottom (take cap off and let water drain)

Need a Different Quantity? Call: (833) 402-9082

Call for quotes on pricing and shipping.

Customer reviews for Giffy Ballasts 4-pack TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

The Giffy Ballasting System was created to be an alternative to traditional tent anchoring solutions. It’s an anchoring system that is easy and safe, and gives you the confidence that your tent will stay in place on any surface.

Extraordinary Strength

With a weight of 660 pounds when filled with water, the Giffy Tent Ballast System provides more mounting strength than your typical 55-gallon barrel at 220 pounds. With the use of the ratchet strap to the bottom of the barrel, open tents can take up to 50 mph winds.

Easy Drainage and Transportation

Within minutes, your Giffy Tent Ballasting System can be drained of water by simply opening the water plug at the bottom of the barrel. When finished draining, they can be stacked in the box of a pickup truck and transported.

Giffy Tent Ballast System Setup Instructions

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Frequently Asked Questions about Giffy Ballasts

Why is Giffy Ballasts System better than other tent anchoring solutions?

Giffy Ballasts from American Tent are the superior ballasting system for tents that cannot be staked into the ground. Better than traditional water barrels and much easier on the back than concrete blocks, our engineered ballasts provide 660 pounds of anchoring strength per ballast.

How to secure a tent with Giffy Ballasts?

It’s easy to secure a tent with our Giffy Ballasts. They come with baseplates and straps so you can be sure your tent is anchored properly. How to anchor a tent is a question with lots of different answers, but the best answer is “Giffy Ballasts.”

How to secure a tent in high winds?

The best way to secure a tent in high winds is to not have your tent up in the first place. When secured properly, our tents can withstand winds up to 36 mph. Even so, high winds are dangerous for tents--and the people seeking shelter from them. If there are warnings of high winds, take your tent down as long as it is safe to do so. If you cannot safely take down your tent, evacuate people to a safe place until the winds have subsided.
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