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Cross Cable Tents Pricing

Cross Cable Size
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* Full Package is Tent Top & Poles (Stakes/Ratchets are $120 extra)
** Top and Sides are 16oz Blockout Laminate Vinyl

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Orders will start shipping June 15, 2020.

Have questions about our cross cable tents?

Have questions about our cross cable tents?

Call Jake, he'll help you narrow down your options based on your needs, and answer any questions you might have about frame tents.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cross Cable Tents

What is a marquee tent?

You’ve probably heard the terms “cross-cable,” “marquee,” and “high peak” and are wondering what the difference is between them. We are here to tell you there is NO difference! All these terms mean the same thing: A tent with a high peak supported by a pole and cable system at frame level.

How long does it take to put up a marquee tent?

Putting up a marquee tent is easy! You can set yours up in 30 minutes or less. Even better? Our 10 x 10s can be set up with just one person!

How do you join two marquees together?

Joining together a number of marquee tents can make for a dramatic and impressive look. To join a marquee tent together, simply run a gutter tube down the legs.

What size marquee do I need?

At this point, we only offer two sizes of cross cable/marquee tents. Choose between 10 x 10 or 20 x 20. To determine the size you need, refer to our size chart here and don't forget that joining a number of these tents together is always an option!

Can American Tent manufacture custom size marquee tents?

We are not able to manufacture custom size marquee tents at the moment. We are always working to expand our offerings, however, so check back soon!

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