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May 05, 2020Best In Tents

So you want to have a tent wedding but you’re not sure where to start? Even though it might seem intimidating to organize a tent wedding, our experts at American Tent know exactly how to put together the tent wedding of your dreams, and it’s not as difficult as it might seem.

Wedding tent

We’re here to guide you through every step of the process, and ensure you’re prepared to blow your guests out of the water on your big day. Here’s our complete guide of everything you need to know to organize your outdoor tent wedding:

Determine Your Budget

Tents range from basic pop-up options for a few hundred dollars that would be perfect for less formal backyard weddings, to giant pagoda tents that cost upwards of $2,000 and provide an elegant venue for your big day.

To determine the price, you’ll also have to know how large your tent will need to be. Many couples think tent size is only determined by the number of guests at your wedding, but extra tables and seating arrangements must be calculated into the total size as well. For a complete guide on choosing the perfect-size tent for your wedding, view our article here.

How to organize tent wedding

Find the Perfect Venue

One of the biggest pros to getting a rental tent for your big day is that you can host your wedding practically anywhere! Whether you’re throwing an exquisite reception at a large venue, or you’re simply putting on an intimate event for your close friends and family, a tent will help you achieve your desired wedding aesthetic. If you’re trying to keep costs low, here are some of the best options for your outdoor venue:

  • Backyard wedding - if you’ve got the room, backyard weddings can be the perfect venue for your big day! You’ll have the comfort of being familiar with your venue, and most likely have a lot of extra room in the house for your entire bridal party to get ready. By incorporating a tent to a backyard wedding, you can ensure the day will be perfect, rain or shine, and still have an elegant feel to an intimate venue.
  • Beach - if you’re close to a body of water, even if it’s not an ocean, a beach wedding could be the perfect backdrop for your wedding. Get close to the shoreline for your ceremony and then retreat to a nearby, grassy area for your reception. The best part is, many beaches are public and you won’t have to pay crazy amounts of money to book your venue this way. Plus, you won’t have to shell out a ton of money on decorations, since your venue already has the water as a beautiful backdrop!
  • University campus - Many couples meet in college, and have amazing memories at their alma mater. So why not get married there? Nearly every university, large or small, has the space and ability to host a wedding, especially outdoors. Take advantage of your college’s unique architecture and personality and incorporate it into your wedding for an extra-special, sentimental venue.
  • Garden/Museum - Last but certainly not least, if you’re looking for a beautiful outdoor venue that won’t break the bank, consider reaching out to any local gardens or museums in the area. Most of these local places will have beautiful, pristine outdoor spaces that will give your wedding a magical feel for a fraction of a formal wedding venue price.

Tent for a wedding

Choose Your Tent

Once you know exactly what kind of wedding you’ll be having using the steps above, you’ll need to choose which tent you’ll use for your wedding! Not all tents are the same, and there are different options for the kind of atmosphere you want for your venue. Here are a few of the most popular tents for weddings:

  • Clear-top tent - These tents offer a unique style for your venue because of their see-through clear tops. This can add a dreamy feel to your wedding, as guests will be able to dance under the stars and see what’s going on outside of the tent.
  • Frame tent - These tents are a classic option with white canvas and airy interiors, and they come in varying sizes that can accommodate a wedding of practically any size.
  • Pop-up tent - If you’re planning a budget wedding or hosting an intimate reception, these smaller tents are the perfect choice. They’re incredibly easy to set up, and you can choose to use just one, or set up multiple through your venue to give your guests room to roam.
  • Pagoda tent - for the ultimate guest experience and over-the-top venue choice, a pagoda tent can give you the ability to create multiple “rooms” within your tent, including high-peaked domes and interiors that will make your entire venue swoon-worthy.

How to Decorate a Tent Wedding

Tent wedding decoration

Now for the fun part: decorating! One of the best parts of using a rental tent for your wedding venue is that it offers a blank slate that can be transformed into just about any style or theme for your big day! If you know you want an outdoor venue but have no idea how to decorate a tent for your wedding, here are some of the best steps to make it perfect!

  • Create an entrance decoration - The easiest way to instantly upgrade your wedding tent is creating a beautiful entrance for your guests to walk through. This will give your guests a great chance to take pictures in front of your beautiful venue, as well as yourself, and it will make your entrance even more special!

    The best part of entrance decorations is that they don’t have to be intricate or extravagant to look like you spent a lot of time and effort creating them. Just by adding some curtains and draping them to the entrance, creating a frame of flowers and greenery, or adding simple lanterns can make the entrance gorgeous.

  • Incorporate lighting - Lighting is another quick and easy way to take a basic tent and make it your own! By incorporating lighting into your wedding tent, you can bring to life whatever atmosphere you want for your wedding. Add blue lighting for a dreamy night under the stars, red and orange lighting for a romantic atmosphere, and the options go on!

    The best part of lighting is that it can fit into any budget. Simple string lights can add a dreamy feel to a small backyard wedding, or industrial backlighting can change everything about the event. Either way, you’ll want special lighting in your tent.

  • Dress up the ceiling - If you want to make your wedding tent even more special for your guests, you can draw their eyes upwards to a special ceiling decoration. Lanterns can be hung at varying lengths, which will also add lighting. Or, you can go even bigger and add drapery to the ceiling which can make your tent feel both extravagant and comfortable for your guests, without taking space away from your guests.

  • Add a focal point - With a rental tent, it’s easy to create a focal point. Pole tents generally have beautiful wooden poles that hold the tent up, including the center, and can be wonderful options to decorate and draw your guests’ eyes too. Or, you can create a super-special setup for you and your bridal party and make your table a focal point itself. This helps you add decoration to the whole event without having to go overboard on every single table.

We hope you have an amazing time planning your outdoor wedding and creating the tent venue of your dreams! American Tent is always happy to provide you with high-quality tents for your event. Contact us to purchase a perfect tent for your wedding party.

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