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February 19, 2021Best In Tents

Wine Tents for Your Winery and Wine Festivals

Imagine this: you’re sipping wine outside on a warm summer evening; music is playing in the background, people are laughing, and you watch the sunset behind the very rows of grapes that made your wine on the sprawling vineyard. Could anything sound more luxurious or romantic? It’s a kind of ambiance and that one-of-a-kind experience you want to provide your customers when putting on a wine-tasting event, and achieving it is as simple as working with American Tent. Keep reading to learn how our event tents make the perfect wine tents for your winery or wine festival!

Why Do You Need a Tent for Your Vineyard?

Why Do You Need a Tent for Your Vineyard

  • Customizable Venue 

Not only are American Tent wine tents fully customizable when it comes to size and design, you will be able to further create the venue of your dreams with an event tent.

Can’t decide how to decorate your tent? Here are some event tent decorating ideas.

  • Easily Transportable

You can’t take your vineyard with you to various events, but you can bring an event tent! Host off-site wine tastings, attend wine festivals and host various events throughout the year with your easily transportable wine tent. 

  • Improve Guest Experience

Your customers are looking to be swept off their feet and feel like they were plopped in a romantic Italian vineyard. While you and your space alone might not be particularly reminiscent of anything close to Italy, you can bring romance to your guests by creating a gorgeous event tent venue.

What Tent Events Can Be Held at The Winery?

What Tent Events Can Be Held at The Winery

The possibilities for different events you can hold on your winery and beyond are just about limitless. Being both transportable as well as perfect for long-term use, you’ll be able to host any kind of event you can dream up. Here are just a few ideas for using your wine tent:

  • Wine Tastings

Host a wine tasting event on your vineyard of any size and style with a wine tent; you can create a full-bar experience under a frame tent and provide entertainment and seating, or create an explorable pop-up tent venue where guests can try different wines in different tents. The possibilities are endless!

  • Wine Festivals

Be prepared for any off-site event or festival with a wine tent! Event tents are some of the most transportable venues you can find. You’ll be able to host off-site wine tastings, sell your products, and much more.

  • Concerts/Fundraisers

Create a comfortable shelter for you and your employees, as well as customers, at any concert or fundraiser, you’ll be selling your wine products or hosting wine tastings at. With personal branding on your tent, you can stand out from the crowd and show off your brand!

  • Vineyard Events

Whether you’re hosting a banquet, dinner and wine event, a live concert, or any number of other live vineyard events, a wine tent will allow you to be ready to go at a moment’s notice and provide your guests an amazing experience and venue all year long. 

What Kind of Wine Tents Are Good Outdoors?

wine tents

You’ll want to ensure your wine tent can hold up to harsh weather conditions, stay sturdy and in-tact all day long, and look great doing it. Here are our top recommendations for outdoor wine tents:

Frame tents offer spacious, unobstructed venue space for guests and easy setup and teardown for your event.These adaptable tents can be installed on various surfaces, whether it's securing them with stakes into the ground or using a tent ballasting system on hard surfaces where staking isn’t possible. We always recommend anchoring your event tent for extra protection against rain, wind and other outdoor use.

If you're considering keeping your wine tent set up for an extended duration, a west coast frame tent is an excellent choice. Featuring a robust frame that provides steadfast support to the tent top, frame tents are the a reliable option for long-term installations lasting several months.

If you're seeking a long-lasting and versatile frame-style wine tent, look no further than a keder tent. These innovative tents go beyond the traditional west coast frame tent, offering enhanced durability and adaptability. Experience the convenience of quick installation with minimal wear and tear on the vinyl. The unique keder system allows the vinyl to seamlessly slide into the frame, transforming your wine tent into a fortress that protects against water and weather.

Keder tents offer similar advantages to West Coast frame tents, such as flexible anchoring choices and being the ideal choice for long term use. In addition to that, the keder track system allows for an even quicker installation.

If you’re looking for an elegant tent that also has extra structure, a pole tent may be the perfect wine tent for your vineyard or winery. These tents feature a central pole and provide the structure and security you need to comfortably host an all-day (or multi-day) wine tasting or festival event. It's important to note that pole tents require anchoring with stakes, so ensure your setup location has a suitable surface such as grass, dirt, etc.

If you're hosting shorter-term events, the pole tent is an excellent choice. With its simplified construction, this tent option has fewer components than a frame tent, making it easier to set up, transport, and store.

A clear top tent is a perfect choice to provide your guests an extra special, unforgettable event venue by being able to see out of your wine tent and enjoy the gorgeous vineyard scenery around them. Drinking under the stars-- what could be better?

Clear Top Tents utilize the same sturdy frame as our traditional west coast frame tent, offering reliable support. Therefore, these tents also provide flexibility in anchoring options, allowing for the use of stakes or ballasts. However, it's important to note that clear tent tops are not as durable as the white tent tops, making these tents less suitable for long-term installations at vineyards.

Which Wine Tents Are Suitable for Winter Wine Tasting?

Winter Wine Tasting

Yes, event tents can be used comfortably in winter! A wine tent, properly heated, can allow you to create a completely unique winter wonderland on your vineyard and host a winter winery event that will blow your guests away.

Keeping your guests warm is of the utmost importance when hosting an outdoor winter event. Here are some tents that make for great shelter at a winter wine tasting:

Not only are pagoda tents elegant and sophisticated in design, they feature keder walls that make it far easier to heat your wine tent from the start! You’ll love the style of our pagoda tents with stylish walls and an elegant high peak in the canvas, and your guests will love sipping wine from the comfort of your wine tent while the snow falls outside.

Pop-up tents are a great way to create a spread-out, multi-section venue for your event. Set up a few pop-up tents and create a different wine tasting experience in each, or simply have a few pop-up tents at a larger outdoor venue for guests to warm up and relax with a glass of wine before heading back out into the cold. 

Sidewalls can help turn almost any event tent into a proper winter wine tent. They are simple to add to any tent and come in a variety of styles to perfectly match the aesthetic of your vineyard tent.

For a full list of tips on how to keep your guests cozy and happy all day long, read our recent article on hosting event tent gatherings in the winter. 

Why to Choose American Tents for Your Winery?

Why to Choose American Tents for Your Winer

  • High-Quality Materials

When you buy a wine tent with American Tent, you know it will hold up against harsh weather, stand the test of time, and look great doing it. Our tents are made with UV coated, 100% waterproof vinyl, anodized steel frames that won’t rust, heavy-duty detailing that won’t rip or tear, and much more.

  • Easy Setup & Takedown

Don’t worry about fumbling for hours with unmarked strings and parts for your wine tent from American Tent. Our tents have simple frames, easy-to-place velcro corners, and a step-by-step guide to help you prepare your outdoor venue for your vineyard guests in no time. 

  • Made in the USA

Our event tents are manufactured right here in the USA, which allows for more high-quality materials, faster turnaround, and customization possibilities! We can even provide rush production and shipping upon request, if you’re looking to get an event tent for an upcoming winery event. 

  • Completely Customizable

At American Tent, our passionate sales team and customer service associates will work closely with you to create the perfect custom event tent for your needs. Whether you need a custom size or design, or you want to put personal branding on your tent to let your brand stand out and shine during a wine tasting, we can help.

  • Helpful Sales Team

Can’t decide which tent is right for you? Our passionate sales team is ready and waiting to assist you with all of your event tent needs. They will answer your questions, guide you through the ordering process, and assist you in finding or creating the perfect wine tent for you and your guests.

Customize Your Tent Today

Ready to order your custom wine tent and start providing one-of-a-kind events for your vineyard customers? Here at American Tent we are excited to help you find or create the wine tent of your dreams. Contact our team today to find your perfect wine tent!

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Tony Ehrbar

Owner & CEO

Tony's entrepreneurial spirit is woven into the fabric of American Tent (an Inc 5000 company), shaped by his experience running a successful event venue & tent rental service. His recognition as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019 is a testament to his impact & dedication to his community. As the Co-founder and CEO of Renegade Plastics, Tony is leading initiatives in the tent industry to integrate eco-friendly, recyclable materials. Contributing as a board member for the Advanced Textiles Association (ATA) & the Green Bay Area Public Schools Foundation and being featured by Entrepreneur, Oracle, & Modern Weddings, Tony plays a pivotal role in enhancing the growth and success of the textile industry.

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