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November 25, 2021Best In Tents

Top 11 Ideas For Outdoor Christmas Party

Imagine a holiday celebration where you don’t have to spend hours cleaning your house before guests arrive--or after they leave. Just think how nice it would be to host Christmas and actually get to interact with your guests instead of being stuck on kitchen duty all day.

Even if you live in a cold and potentially snowy climate, you can still host an amazing outdoor celebration, and we have some amazing outside Christmas party ideas for you! From menu planning to backyard Christmas party decorations, we’re here to help. Keep reading for our best outdoor Xmas party ideas!

1. Prepare Amazing Festive Food

Skip the stuffy sit down meal this year and create new traditions with our backyard Christmas party ideas for a fabulous buffett. Your guests will love grazing on old favorites along and trying new bites.

For a simple holiday meal, stick with finger foods. Classic crudites are a guilt-free, perennial crowd pleaser. Or stir things up with an assortment of crackers and dips and let you guests choose their favorites.

When coming up with outdoor Christmas party ideas, keep color in mind. Caprese skewers and decorative Christmas cookies can become a delicious part of your holiday decor!

Outdoor Christmas Party Ideas

2. Take Care of the Heating

When considering ideas for an outdoor Christmas party, be sure to keep the temperature in mind. Even regions with mild winters can get chilly, especially in the evening. Patio heating lamps are a surprisingly affordable option. If you don’t want to commit to purchasing lamps, you can always rent them.

For the best ambiance - and cozy warmth - a fire pit is sure to be a crowd pleasing option. Add seating with pillows and blankets and you have an instant hub for your holiday guests to relax and converse - and maybe even sing some Christmas carols!

3. Create Charming Lighting

It’s not Christmas without twinkling fairy lights! When planning how to decorate outside for Christmas, we recommend keeping it classy and consistent with traditional white lights. But if you have other backyard Christmas decorating ideas, be creative and have fun! String lights come in a variety of colors, so you can match your lighting to any theme you wish. From blue and white, red and green, or even blinking multi-color strands, you can definitely put your own stamp on lighting!

Christmas Lighting for Outdoor Party

4. Don’t Forget About the Gifts!

Shopping for the perfect Christmas gifts can be stressful. Keep your outdoor Christmas celebration simple with a fun gift exchange. White elephant gifts are always a fun (and easy) way to keep gift-giving traditions alive. Set a price limit to make shopping for gifts even easier. If you want to keep your younger guests entertained and busy, hide small gifts around the back yard for a scavenger hunt. 

5. Put On Christmas Decorations

Along with bright festive lighting, Christmas decorations will help create a happy holiday mood for your outdoor celebration. If pre-lit reindeer and snowmen aren’t your thing, sparkly garlands and tinsel will add sparkle to your celebration. You also can hang oversized ornaments from tree branches. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have a nice evergreen tree, decorate as you would a traditional Christmas tree with outdoor-friendly trimmings. Other DIY decoration ideas include potted evergreen trees and evergreen swags with colored bows to match your outdoor Christmas party theme.

Outdoor Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

6. Create a Makeshift Patio Bar

If you love to play bartender, you’ll feel right at home behind a patio bar. But, if you’d rather mix and mingle with friends and family, opt instead for a large table with a spread of cocktail options. Set out bottles of spirits with different mixer and garnish options. If you’re planning a morning Christmas celebration, your guests will definitely enjoy a bloody Mary bar. Better yet, use fancy recyclable plastic glasses to keep clean-up extra easy.

7. Plan Some Fun Games

The holidays are all about spending time with loved ones. Playing games is a time-honored Christmas tradition that everyone, especially children look forward to every year. For the adults, cribbage and cards are perennial favorites. You can keep kiddos too young for those games busy and entertained by setting up craft tables with an assortment of inexpensive crafty items. Kids can make cards or create works of Christmas art. But don’t forget about the tweens! Set out some age-appropriate board games. Otherwise, a game of charades is fun for every age!

Games and Ideas For Outdoor Christmas Party

8. Set Up Some Tiny Christmas Trees

If you don’t have a perfectly sized fir tree in your backyard, tiny Christmas trees will work just fine! Real or artificial, small potted evergreens can easily replace a large tree, and are much easier to set up and take down after Christmas. For extra fun - and ease - set out tiny ornaments and let your younger guests decorate them for you!

9. Make Some Hot Beverages

For guests - and younger folks - who aren’t into cocktails, be sure to set out some hot beverages to warm their bellies. Create a drink station with insulated beverage dispensers filled with hot water and set out an assortment of teas, including the very popular and trendy masala chai. Don’t forget everyone’s favorite - hot cocoa! Set out packets of hot chocolate and marshmallows - guests both young and old will thank you!

Hot Beverages for an Outdoor Christmas Party

10. Have Blankets on the Ready 

Ward of the chill with plenty of cozy blankets at your outdoor holiday celebration. Choose medium size blankets so that your guests can warm up without too much bulk. Look for inexpensive fleece blankets in colors that complement your backyard Christmas decorating ideas. Otherwise, buy an assortment of oversized wool or fleece scarves that everyone can use as a snuggly wrap. Even better, you can send them home with your guests as gifts!

11. Make Sure to Have Covered Space

With the right planning, you can use an event tent to create a magical Christmas experience for your guests, while still keeping everyone cozy and warm. For a foolproof outdoor Christmas, make sure you choose the proper tent. Keep reading for expert tips for choosing an outdoor tent.

Quality: Be sure to choose a tent that is made for potentially harsh weather conditions. Your tent should be manufactured with high-quality materials. Other things to consider include:

  • 100% waterproof and leak proof vinyl;
  • Fire-resistant vinyl that is safe with any heaters;
  • Weather-resistant and rust-proof coated buckles and framing;
  • Sturdy vinyl and framing material that can withstand harsh weather.

This commercial 20x20 frame heavy duty tent from American tent is a perfect solution for any type of outdoor event, including Christmas! Add tent flooring and protective sidewalls and your holiday guests will be able to celebrate the winter wonderland in comfort. We recommend choosing clear sidewalls so that your guests can enjoy your beautifully decorated backyard. Imagine experiencing the beauty of winter minus the frigid temperatures!

We love the holidays at American Tent and want to help make your holiday very merry! If you are planning an outdoor holiday event and need help finding the perfect tent, contact American Tent today!

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