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May 27, 2020Best In Tents

Having an outdoor corporate event is the perfect way to bring out the best in your event, and your employees. You don’t want the day to be ruined by weather or distractions, though. Renting or purchasing a corporate event tent will ensure that everything goes perfectly, and your employees will thank you. Here are the top 8 reasons you need a tent for your corporate event:

1. You will have more creative freedom

Most corporate events take place in rented ballrooms, meeting rooms, and other indoor areas that are already decorated with an interior design that is fairly difficult to change. By renting or buying an event tent for your corporate event, you are opening yourself up to a whole new world of outdoor creative freedom.

You can create a simple, outdoor venue that focuses on being around nature to give employees the feeling of a nature retreat, with all the comforts of being inside. Or, perhaps you’re hosting an appreciation picnic and would like to create a fun, laid-back atmosphere with picnic tables and bright decor. Whatever event you’re hosting, having an outdoor event with a tent will ensure you can bring your vision to life.

2. Get away from the office atmosphere

Corporate event tent

Everyone needs a break from the office every once in a while, especially when most ballrooms and meeting areas for corporate events don’t have so much as a window to bring in the outdoor light. Having an outdoor event with a tent will allow employees to get a break from the stuffy office atmosphere, while also having the comforts of the indoors with the tent.

3. Incorporate your own design and decorations

Meeting rooms, ballrooms, and any other rental option where you can host a corporate event indoors will already have decor and installed fixtures that will be impossible to change or move. While not every corporate event needs decor, it is certainly nice to have the freedom to bring your own decorations and create an atmosphere all your own.

Outdoor appreciation picnics are the perfect chance to decorate and show your employees and their families how much you appreciate them, with bright decor, company signs, and more. Formal events can be classy and taken to the next level with formal decor, centerpieces, and more. With an event tent, you’ll appreciate the blank-slate freedom you have to decorate however you want for your event.

Event tent

4. There will be more opportunities for activities

Indoor spaces only have so much room, especially if you don’t want to break the bank renting an expensive meeting area for a large group of people. Whatever corporate event you’re hosting, having the space for multiple activities will liven up your employees, and give you the chance to incorporate team-building, mingling, and other activities that will take your event to the next level.

Have multiple pop-up tents if you want employees to be able to shift to different areas during the event, or if you want to create different break-out spaces for brainstorming and team building. Or, have a giant frame or pole tent with picnic tables, food, and games for employees and their families to enjoy. Whichever direction you’re going in, an event tent will help you incorporate the activities you need to make your event impactful.

Using a corporate event tent

5. Attendance will be easier to track

If you’re having a mandatory event but hosting it outdoors, it can be incredibly difficult to track the attendance of employees. By incorporating an event tent, you’ll make it much easier on yourself, or whoever is signing everyone in, to keep track of everything.

At a large event with hundreds of guests, think about renting some pop-up tents just for signing in. For smaller events or corporate meetings under one tent, having a sign-in area at the front of the tent works great, too. It will ensure quality tracking for the event you’ve put so much work into.

6. Weather won’t be a problem

Weather is a big potential problem for any outdoor event. Whether it’s spontaneous rain showers, sudden drops in temperature, or blazing sun, your employees aren’t going to get much out of your corporate event if they’re uncomfortable because of the weather.

By providing a corporate event tent, you ensure everyone will be protected from the rain, and so will all your supplies! Tables, linens, electronics, and more all have a chance of getting ruined in harsh weather, and you’re saving money in the long run by ensuring protection for everything and everyone in a tent.

7. Food can be provided

Along with protecting your guests and equipment from harsh weather, the food needs to be protected as well. With strict regulations on food safety and how quickly food can spoil in extreme heat and cold, it’s important to have an event tent if you’re serving anything for your employees.

Whether your event will take place entirely under your tent, including a buffet/food table, or you simply need separate small pop-up tents solely for food, you’ll save yourself and your caterers a lot of stress and hassle by providing a tent for food safety.

Inside a corporate event tent

8. Guests can be more creative and productive

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to have an outdoor corporate event is to break the status-quo and get your employees in a new area that will get the creativity flowing. What better way to have amazing brainstorming sessions than outdoors, where everyone will feel invigorated and excited to be in a new area?

Of course, without a tent, this creativity can be hindered. No one is going to be very creative or productive if they are getting eaten alive by bugs, scorched by hot weather, or distracted by things going on outdoors around them. Providing an event tent will ensure guests get the benefit of being outdoors, with all the comfortability of being inside. It’s a win-win!

No matter what kind of corporate event you’re hosting, an event tent will ensure everything goes off without a hitch. If you got inspired and now want to arrange a tented event, American Tent is always happy to provide you with high-quality corporate event tents. Happy planning!

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Tony Ehrbar

Owner & CEO

Tony's entrepreneurial spirit is woven into the fabric of American Tent (an Inc 5000 company), shaped by his experience running a successful event venue & tent rental service. His recognition as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019 is a testament to his impact & dedication to his community. As the Co-founder and CEO of Renegade Plastics, Tony is leading initiatives in the tent industry to integrate eco-friendly, recyclable materials. Contributing as a board member for the Advanced Textiles Association (ATA) & the Green Bay Area Public Schools Foundation and being featured by Entrepreneur, Oracle, & Modern Weddings, Tony plays a pivotal role in enhancing the growth and success of the textile industry.

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