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May 26, 2020Best In Tents

Planning an event can be a tricky endeavor, but planning an outdoor event can quickly turn into a nightmare, both for you and your guests. There are so many things to think about when it comes to hosting an event outdoors, from farmer’s markets to concerts to weddings, picnics, and more. There really is no right or wrong way to put on an amazing outdoor event, though one thing is for sure: you need to include a tent for your outdoor venue.

Here are the top ten reasons having an outdoor party tent is essential:

1. You’ll be prepared for any weather conditions

Extreme weather is perhaps the biggest reason you need an event tent for any outdoor get-togethers. You can have the most beautiful, perfect wedding planned, only to be ruined by a spontaneous rainstorm that wasn’t on the radar.

The great thing about renting or buying tents for events is that you’re protecting guests from every weather condition, be it rain, snow, or extreme heat. No one wants to get soaked while at a party or concert, nor do they want to be scorched by the sun. Outdoor party tents ensure your guests won’t have to endure bad weather.

Outdoor party tent

2. Heating and cooling are much easier with a tent 

Along the same lines, having an outdoor event might mean you need to include some climate control for your event. Even temperate seasons and areas can become quite cool during evening time, and during the day temperatures can soar and make your guests sweaty and uncomfortable.

While it’s fairly difficult to climate control an outdoor venue on its own, having an outdoor party tent makes it a breeze. Giant fans or air conditioning units can be set up around the perimeter of the tent on blazing-hot days, and space heaters can be included to keep your guests warm during a cool day. Having a tent ensures all that power and money going into cooling and heating your venue won’t just go up to the sky without actually changing the temperature for your guests.

3. Your guests will be protected from bugs

If there’s one thing worse than being too hot or cold, it’s getting eaten alive by bugs. No one is going to remember your beautiful centerpieces or awesome activities if they are fending off gnats and mosquitoes all day. An event tent will give you more control over the environment of your venue, and allow you to keep pests out.

Quick tip: if you really want to bug-proof your venue, invest in sidewalls for your tent! This will create a completely enclosed venue and make it extra protected against pests.

4. The food at your event has less chance of spoiling

Keeping food sanitary and climate-controlled can be difficult, even at an inside venue. This is made far more challenging when outdoors. An event tent will protect your food and give you and your caterers a place to set up, climate control the food, and ensure no pesky critters are helping themselves to the food you paid an arm and a leg for. It will also give your guests peace of mind they aren’t eating spoiled food.

Outdoor wedding tent

5. Guests won’t feel stuck in one place

Who said you have to have just one venue? With outdoor party tents, you can have a whole slew of places for your guests to enjoy. Perhaps you might want multiple pop-up tents where guests can stop and sample different food or drink. Or maybe you want the option for an outdoor dance floor under the stars, but a more formal, indoor venue for the ceremony and dinner. Tents allow you to be creative with your venue and give your guests many places to enjoy and explore.

Spacious party tent

6. Decorating your event will be much easier

Have you ever tried decorating a backyard or field? There’s really only so much you can do. Any decoration you have in mind will most likely need to be staked into the ground, and there’s not a great chance you’ll have anything to hang up flowers or decorations on unless you install it yourself, which can be a pain for you and an eyesore for your guests.

Event tents provide endless decoration options. They are blank slates that already come with places to hang your decorations and flowers, from walls and posts. They also offer an elegant feel that doesn’t take much to look classy and perfect for any event.

7. Tents are fully customizable

Need a small outcropping of just a few tents for a fun carnival-themed party or market event? Or, maybe you’re throwing an extravagant wedding party that needs to fit all your nearest and dearest friends, along with food and entertainment. You might even be putting on a full-scale concert, with a huge guest-count. No matter what outdoor event you’re planning, there will be an event tent to accommodate your needs.

Quick tip: if you feel stuck on which tent is right for your needs, feel free to contact us! We are happy to help you discover which of our products is right for you.

8. Electrical equipment will be protected

No event is the same without great music and entertainment! This can get tricky if you don’t have proper protection for the electronic equipment. Many DJs and other entertainers won’t sign onto your event if there isn’t a proper precaution taken for their expensive speakers, mics, wiring, and more. Having an event tent ensures all of this will be protected, and you’ll save yourself the stress of worrying if there will be damage to any expensive electronics.

9. Your event can be more private and intimate.

There’s nothing worse than having random photo-bombers and looky-loos in the background of your pictures from a special day, and outdoor events provide ample opportunity for this to happen. Even worse is that your intimate wedding ceremony or private paid event could be crashed by anyone in your outdoor wedding venue. Having a tent will give you the privacy you need, and make it much easier to control who comes into your private event.

10. Everything will look picture perfect.

Getting pictures of your event is half the fun, as you’ll be able to relive the day for years to come. Pictures, however, are easily ruined by poor outdoor lighting, weather conditions, eye-sore surroundings, and more. Event tents are elegant and easy to decorate. They also provide the perfect foundation to create perfect lighting that your photographers will thank you for. Not to mention, you won’t lose the chance to take outdoor photos--you’ll just have more options available!

A couple in a wedding tent

Planning an outdoor event is no easy feat, especially when you’re trying to create an amazing experience for your guests. They’ll be thanking you for the added protection, comfort, and extravagance that a tent provides, and you’ll be happy you saved yourself a lot of extra stress and planning. If you have an event coming up, make sure to take a look at American Tent products and see what amazing event tents we have to offer! Then, give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll make sure you get the best tent for your event.

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