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Top 10 Baby Shower Tent Ideas

Break free from boring and overcrowded rental halls and restaurant back rooms, and create a completely unique outdoor tent baby shower! Being surrounded by nature and open space will make your baby shower that much more fun and unique, and creates an atmosphere perfect for celebrating with your closest friends and family. Throw a spectacular garden party right outside in a backyard tent baby shower, or find a larger outdoor venue to create the biggest pre-baby bash of your dreams. To help you pull off your outdoor baby shower, get inspiration from our top 10 tent ideas and tips for baby shower events outdoors.

#1 Balloons and Streamers Galore

Baby Shower Balloons

If you’re going for a classic baby shower look, then incorporate all the balloons and streamers you can get your hands on. Balloons and streamers are fun and instantly add a pop of childhood enchantment to your tent, which is exactly what you want to go for at a baby shower, right?

If you have a color theme for your baby shower, adding balloons and streamers is also a simple way to incorporate your colors into your event tent without going overboard or breaking the bank. With a grand balloon arch, streamers draped from above, and clusters of balloons placed throughout your tent, you can easily add more decor or simply leave it at that for a more minimalist design.

If you are worried about a bunch of little balloons looking kitschy or cheap, there’s a simple solution-- try oversized balloons. Large, oversized balloons will look much better and more appropriate in your tent baby shower, as they will help fill out the tent.

#2 Event Tent Draping

Event Tent Draping Gender Party

Fabric draping is one of our favorite ways of decorating an event tent for any kind of event, and this will make perfect decor for an outdoor baby shower tent. Draping adds a billowy, elegant effect to your tent and is the perfect decor option for a spring or summer baby shower. You’ll especially enjoy when the drapes move and sway, giving your baby shower event a breezy, whimsical feeling.

#3 Floral Arrangements

Floral Arrangements Baby Shower Party Tent

Flowers aren’t just for weddings; any kind of floral arrangement will make a gorgeous addition to your outdoor baby shower tent decorations. And don’t worry, you don’t have to splurge if you don’t want to.

If you’re looking forward to going all-out for your baby shower, then by all means, go crazy with your flowers. Large bouquets, centerpieces, and oversized arrangements all make wonderful decoration options for your outdoor baby shower event tent and will add that natural, feminine vibe that every baby shower should have.

On the other hand, there are a myriad of low-cost and DIY options if you want to incorporate flowers to your baby shower tent on a budget. You can make your own baby shower centerpieces, buy bulk from Costco or other bulk suppliers and simply display flowers in vases throughout your tent, and much more.

#4 Baby Shower Photo Booth

Photo Booth for Baby Shower Event Tent

Being an expecting mother is such an exciting, short time, make sure you take every opportunity possible to capture the memories. This is especially important at a baby shower, where Mama-to-be gets to spend the day celebrating with friends and family. There truly is no better way to capture amazing group pictures of your day than with a photo booth.

Luckily, incorporating a photo booth into your outdoor baby shower event tent doesn’t have to be expensive or require renting an oversized and overpriced machine. In fact, making a photo booth yourself is quite simple, and if done correctly, your DIY photo booth can even serve as a decoration at your baby shower.

Photo backdrops are inexpensive and available to order online, where you can choose from baby-shower themed options perfect for your day. Additionally, flower walls have become a huge hit at various outdoor events, and they make a gorgeous decoration as well as the perfect backdrop for photos.

#5 Photos of Mom & Dad

Baby Shower Photos Decorations

Speaking of photos, make sure to include pictures of the parents-to-be as decorations for your outdoor baby shower tent. Include photos of the parents as kids, and perhaps even re-use engagement photos and wedding photos.

There are various ways to incorporate photos into your baby shower tent. Smaller-sized prints can be used as table settings and small decor throughout your tent, while you can also buy large-scale prints and use them as big decoration centerpieces in your event tent. The possibilities are endless.

#6 Create a Lounge Area

Lounge Area for Baby Shower

Creating a lounge area with a mix of vintage furniture, rugs, lights, side tables adds a touch of homey comfort while also adding class and texture to your event tent. While not technically decor, mismatched vintage furniture looks amazing in pictures and gives your entire event tent a warm atmosphere.

A lounge area also functions wonderfully as a place for you and your guests to relax and get comfortable and serves as the natural space to open presents, play any group games, take group pictures, and chit-chat with all your guests.

#7 Interactive Activities

Interactive Activities Baby Shower Party Tent

Of course, you can’t forget to include interactive games and activities during your baby shower! But don’t worry, you don’t have to do any of the boring or embarrassing games you might have played at the showers you’ve attended.

Like everything on our list, baby shower activities can serve two purposes: as an activity for your guests and as a decoration for your overall event tent venue. Coincidently, the baby shower games that make the best decorations are usually the most fun. Here are a few cute ideas:

  • Onesie decorating station - guests will love getting to design their own onesie for the baby, and onesie decorating stations can be set up in such adorable ways! Hang some onesies from a clothesline, include decorating materials and a table, and you’re good to go!
  • Blind-folded diaper changing - inspire some friendly competition and see which of your guests can change a diaper… blindfolded! This makes for amazing photos, and you can get cute stuffed animals for the ‘babies.’
  • Baby’s first ABC book decorating - have guests create a meaningful memento by creating pages for an ABC book. Guests can work together or alone to design a page for each letter of the book, which will be a wonderful memory for years to come.

#8 Lighting (it’s everything)

Baby Shower Lightning Decoration

Yes, lighting really is everything. Even a beautifully decorated event tent can look drab without the proper lighting, even during the day! Lights can be added to your outdoor baby shower tent in a variety of ways, both low-cost and higher-end.

String lights and hanging lanterns are both inexpensive ways to add soft, dreamy light to your event tent and can add to the young and playful mood of a baby shower. If you want to incorporate specific colors into your event tent fully, you can rent uplighting and create whatever colors you’d like to display within your tent.

#9 Decorative Food Arrangements

Decorative Food Arrangements Baby Shower Tent

You’re going to have to feed your guests at your baby shower, so why not take advantage of that and turn your food into decor? There are so many ways you can add fun to your outdoor baby shower snack and food spread, and your guests will love the attention to detail.

You can do something as simple as providing baby bottles for guests to drink out of rather than cups, offering a funny experience and amazing photo opportunities. Or, you can incorporate a modern wedding idea of adding a donut wall to your outdoor baby shower tent, which looks fabulous in pictures and is a fun way for your guests to enjoy a surgery treat.

#10 Messages for Baby

Guest Book for Baby Shower

Last but certainly not least, make sure to add something that guests can add messages to for the coming baby. You can get a guest book or other meaningful items like a keepsake scroll. Whatever you choose, your guests will love getting to leave messages for the baby to read when they get older, and makes an amazing keepsake for the parents.

When it comes to hosting an outdoor baby shower, there is no better way to make the day unforgettable than with a completely customizable event tent. If you are planning an outdoor baby shower and would like more event tent decorating tips, or need help finding the perfect event tent for you, our sales specialists at American Tent are here to help! Contact us today to learn more.

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