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There’s really no kind of event more posh than a garden party. Even if sipping tea in a garden isn’t your ideal kind of event, there’s a vast array of garden party ideas that will allow you to throw the party of your dreams. With weather and other unpredictable elements of hosting a party outside, you might find yourself overwhelmed trying to pull off the perfect garden party.

If you’re dreaming of hosting a lush, outdoor event, we’re here to help. Read on to learn how to organize a garden party with these tips:

1. Plan Your Budget

Any party can get out of hand if you don’t take the time to create a budget ahead of time. Perhaps you have the money for a garden party planner and can let them take on the brunt of the planning and execution. However, if you’re trying to save money, this will fall on you, and it’s essential to know how much you can (and can’t) spend.

Things to keep in mind when creating your budget include:

  • The amount of guests you’re inviting
  • The time of day you’re hosting your garden party (a light breakfast is cheaper than a full dinner)
  • Where you’ll be hosting your party (i.e. renting an outdoor venue or using a free space)

2. Take Care of Comfort of Your Guests

Best Tips for Garden Tent Party

Even the most gorgeous party will be a flop if your guests are uncomfortable during the event. Protection from the elements and proper heating/cooling is vital to ensure your guests are protected and comfortable. Party tents are the perfect way to keep your guests comfortable for your entire event.

With their versatility, there is almost no limit to the garden party tent ideas you can implement for your event. Whether you want a clean, classic appearance or an eclectic, unique look, you can accomplish this and keep your guests comfortable with a party tent.

3. Consider a Dress Code

Your guests and their attire help set the tone and overall style of your party. Common garden party theme ideas typically include classic British-inspired styling and traditions. If this is the look and style you are going for, guests will look out of place showing up in casual attire. Ensure your guests are well-prepared and notify them ahead of time if you would like them to dress a certain way.

4. Prepare the Best Music for the Mood

Creating the perfect playlist is an absolute must to include on your garden party planning checklist. Music will help you set the mood and create the ideal atmosphere for your party. When you’ve decided on the theme of your garden party, sit down and put together a playlist that portrays that and can be enjoyed by your guests. 

5. Prepare the Tasty Food

Tips for Garden Tent Party

One of the best garden party tips to ensure your event is a success is providing incredible food. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean expensive food, either. A DIY spread of tea and petit fours can be just as delectable as a fully-catered meal. No matter what, ensure you have more than enough food for everyone at your event to enjoy so no one goes home hungry.  

6. Create a Stunning Decor 

You may be wondering how to decorate a garden for a party when it is decorated enough on its own, and there really is no right or wrong way to style your party. Keeping the decor simple can highlight the garden’s natural beauty, and more extravagant decor will only enhance what’s already there.

Simple twinkle lights can add style to your event without breaking the bank, but you can go bigger with a hanging chandelier. Whatever you’re dreaming of, ensure our decor matches the style and budget of your event.

7. Plan for The Games

Any garden party event planner will tell you a beautiful venue isn’t enough to throw a memorable event. Guests are sure to get bored if you prepare nothing more than a pretty space. Preparing games and activities for guests to participate in throughout the event will help spread the event and make it a fun time for all. 

8. Try Open Seating

If you’re wondering how to have a garden party your guests will love, open seating might be the best option for your event. Assigned seating can have its place in large events but can discourage conversation and mingling between guests.

If you want an event where guests feel comfortable to roam and chat while enjoying the food, open seating can help keep things less rigid without sacrificing style.

9. Create a Beautiful Tablescape

How to Arrange Garden Party

Creating a beautiful food spread and/or table centerpieces may be all the decor you need to throw a fantastic garden party. You don’t have to go overboard, either. Nothing draws the eye like a well-thought-out charcuterie board accented by floral arrangements. Tablescapes can be created on any budget as long as you’re willing to get creative and do some DIY. 

10. Plan for a Different Weather

No matter how mild of a climate you live in, weather can still be unpredictable. A sunny day can become a rainstorm in seconds, and you’ll be left scrambling if you don’t prepare for how to have a garden party in the rain. Even without rain, an extremely windy, sunny, or cold day can also impact your guests without proper cover.

Event tents can offer the ultimate venue and protection from the elements at your garden party. Not only does their sleek, minimalist design fit into any theme or style, but it will ensure your guest are protected from any weather.

A party tent can also help you plan a garden party in extremely hot or cold weather because you can control the temperature inside as long as you are using sidewalls. This way, you can include industrial heating or cooling options in your event and keep guests comfortable no matter the weather outside.

Need the perfect outdoor venue for your garden party? American Tent has the party tent of your dreams waiting to be ordered. View our products and see for yourself the gorgeous event tents you can utilize for your elegant garden party, as well as any other outdoor event.

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