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November 15, 2021Best In Tents

Ideas for a Kid’s Big Tent Birthday Party

Kids’ birthday parties can be stressful - but they don’t have to be! If you’re afraid of frosting on your carpet or ice cream melting on your favorite rug, you might want to think outside of the box - and outside of the house - for your kid’s next birthday party.

Keep the mess outdoors by throwing a big tent birthday party! If the weather is iffy, a tent ensures the party will go on rain or shine. If the sun is beating down, the guest of honor will have it made in the shade.

Your child’s guests will feel extra special when they arrive at the tent birthday party. It’ll also be a lot easier to keep track of sugar-fueled guests when they’re all under one tent.

If you think tent parties have to be basic and boring, think again! Does your birthday boy love superheroes? Or is the birthday girl all about glam? Read on for some of our favorite tent party ideas.

Open Air Artists Party

Kids Artist Tent Party Ideas

The most important element of a kid’s birthday party is to keep those kids busy! A kid’s artist themed birthday under a big tent is the perfect way to keep those little hands and minds active.

Start with lively decor. You don’t have to be an artist yourself to create an open-air artist party. Colorful balloons and streamers and inexpensive drop cloths will set the stage for a fun celebration.

Artist Party Tent Decorations

Give your guests options with different decorating stations. Set up a table for cupcake artists with different colored frosting and toppings. Art easels or rolls of butcher paper spread on tables will provide budding artists an outlet for creative expression. The best part is that the works of art - and the artists - will be protected from the elements under the safety of a tent.

Glamorous Party at the Spa Station

Glamorous Tent Party for Kids

For posh kids, glamorous tent birthday party themes will make their day extra special. To begin, decorate your tent with relaxing pastel colors to set the stage for an unforgettable spa experience.

Fill inexpensive shallow plastic bins with warm soapy water to get diva feet ready for a Pedi (you can always repurpose the bins for storage after the party). Set out a selection of polish fit for a princess for them to choose from.

Girl Tent Party Decorations

You also can set up a station with a rainbow of hair chalk hair and accessories. Your guests will have fun trying out temporary hair colors that will wash out easily. Your glamorous birthday party theme would not be complete without glam goody bags. For memorable favors, include spa items like bath bombs, pouf body scrubbers, and sweet-smelling lotion.

Superhero Party

Superhero Tent Party for Kids

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s...a superhero birthday party! Party planning for your little hero will be faster than speeding a bullet with these children’s superhero party ideas.

Every caped crusader needs, well, a cape, and a mask of course! Greet your guests with an assortment of superhero-themed accessories to choose from.

Let the guest of honor choose his or her favorite superhero for cake. And, of course, fighting crime makes a superhero thirsty, so be sure to have lots of hydrating beverages on hand.

Superhero Party Decorations for Tent

Activities for a superhero-themed birthday party could include silly string wars, a pinata battle, or target practice with nerf guns.

Aside from keeping your house safe from grime, one of the best benefits of throwing a big tent birthday party is that it’s much easier to keep tabs on crime fighters when confined to one space.


Host an unforgettable birthday-themed tent party for kids. We can’t wait to help you plan the party of your--and your kids’--dreams! Give us a call or contact us via the website and we’ll find the right tent for you

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