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December 02, 2021Best In Tents

Benefits of Clear Top Tents for Your Sports Event

From kid’s soccer games to professional marathons, clear top tents provide fantastic benefits for sports events. Athletes, spectators and coaches appreciate having shelter from elements such as rain or sleet. During hot summer months, sports tents can make the difference between sweltering athletes and successful champions.

Fortunately, clear top frame tents - also called pop-up tents - offer an affordable, instant and easy fix. They are the perfect temporary solution for your upcoming sporting event. If you’re worried about the cost of a tent - don’t be! Affordable temporary tent solutions are available in all shapes and sizes.

Tents Provide Protection From Еhe Weather

Outdoor sports take place all year round. From the coldest days of winter to the hottest summer days, sports tents provide shelter from the elements. During cold weather, clear top tents can be safely heated and when temperatures rise, they also can be HVAC cooled.

For frigid and windy fall days, sidewalls can be added to ensure athletes and spectators alike are protected from the chill. Sports tents are also a good solution from a safety perspective. Imagine if an injured cross country or downhill skier had to be treated in freezing temperatures. During hot conditions, athletes like soccer players and runners suffering from heat exhaustion require a safe place to cool down.

You Can Create Security Checkpoints

Speaking of protection, clear top tents can help ease safety concerns. By using your tent as a security checkpoint, you can help ensure that athletes, staff and sports event attendees feel protected at all times. They also help make security officials jobs much easier, since they provide a designated check-in point.

Signage with safety rules and emergency instructions also help promote a safe environment. Set up tables to inspect backpacks and large purses to check for prohibited items. In an increasingly dangerous world, especially at large gatherings, a small investment in a security tent can make the difference between a tragic or triumphant event.

Create Team Meeting Places and Fan Zones 

Clear Top Tents Benefits for Sporting Events

At large sports events, like high school cross country or track and field meets, pop-up tents can help eliminate confusion and time wasted looking for athletes looking for their coaches or teammates. This will help athletes feel comfortable since they will be surrounded by their support system.

Tents can also help volunteers and fans find their home base. Brand your tent or use balloons and signage in your team’s colors to make it easy for everyone to find their home base. Tents provide a perfect place for fans to congregate and cheer on their home team while staying protected from the elements.

Tents Draw Attention

A customized, branded tent is an excellent way to draw attention to your team. Whether you’re looking to recruit athletes, raise funds, or increase the number of event volunteers, a well-branded tent can help attract attention and increase the awareness of your team.

Add banners and signage to ensure that passersby feel welcome. You can also hand out inexpensive braided team items, such as buttons, bumper stickers, or colorful totes with your team’s mascot to help market your organization long after the event is over. You can further customize your tent with reusable branded tablecloths and banners.

You Can Create a Press Area

One of the best ways to create public awareness about your team is through the press. Large sporting events often attract the attention of local, regional, or even national media. Ensure your event gets the coverage it deserves by using a clear top tent for your next event. Members of the press will have a sheltered space to work and conduct interviews with coaches and athletes, ensuring optimal outcomes for both reporters and teams.

Be sure to think ahead when planning your press area tent. Think about how many members of the press will be using the space and how much room they will need for cameras, lighting, and audio equipment.

Tents Are Perfect for Outdoor Break Areas

Benefits of Clear Top Tents for Your Sports Event

Most sporting events are popular family outings. Even the youngest of fans love to cheer on their home team. But, those same fans are likely to tire easily and need a break. Older fans may also need a place to escape the crowds. During extreme weather conditions, fans of all ages appreciate a designated space to cool off or warm-up.

A clear top tent can help meet all of those needs and more. Provide comfortable seating and blankets for cooler temperatures. Floor mats create a napping spot for little ones and small tables with crayons and coloring books will give kids an opportunity to make signs to cheer on their team when they’re ready to get back to the game.

Tents Are Easy to Install and Takedown

On the big day of a sporting event, time is a premium. Fortunately, clear top tents are easy to set up and tear down at the end of the day. Look for features like velcro corner closures, quick pins, and heavy-duty materials to ensure fast and convenient setup and takedown as well as a lasting investment. The tent design should be intuitive to minimize any confusion.

Budget is also important. Be sure to factor in the cost of the tent along with other must-have items that you’ll need for the sports event.

Clear Top Tents Are Good For a Plan B

We’ve already explained how clear top tents offer protection against wind, rain, snow, freezing temperatures, and extreme heat. But that means more than just protecting attendees, athletes, and coaching staff against the elements; it can also mean the difference between an event taking place or being canceled.

Most sports are seasonal; that means that every game is critical. Athletes often train all year round and only have a small window of opportunity to compete, so a cancellation can be potentially devastating to team members, especially young athletes who are competing for athletic college scholarships.

Want to Rent or Buy a Tent?

Clear Top Tents for Sports Events Benefits

Now that you know all of the benefits of using a clear top tent for your next sporting event, you’ll have to decide whether you want to rent or buy your tent. Some questions to ask yourself include how much is event tent rental vs. how much is event tent purchase? How frequently will I be using the tent? Do I have adequate storage space if I decide to purchase?

Whether you rent or purchase your tent, you still need to make sure you choose a quality tent vendor with excellent customer support. That’s where we come in! We’re here to help you choose the best tent for your event needs. We use only the best processes, machines, and materials and can customize tents to your exact requirements. Contact us today for help with everything from planning and installation to maintenance.

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