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If you’re planning an outdoor event and know that you want to get an event tent to add to your venue, you’re probably wondering: does it make more sense to buy or rent an event tent? Both buying and renting an event tent can be a big investment, and it can be difficult to determine which option is right for you, so let’s break down the differences. Here are the biggest things to keep in mind when choosing whether to rent or buy your event tent.

event tent with side walls


Cost is likely the main reason you began looking into whether you should rent or purchase your event tent, and it’s an important variable to compare when determining which choice is right for you and your event.

While the price of any event tent depends on many variables like size, type, location, and more, here is a side-by-side comparison of the average rental tent costs and the current American Tent purchase prices of three popular sizes of frame tents:

Average Rental Price American Tent Purchase Price
10 x 20 $250 - $500 $1701
20 x 40 $725 - $1,200 $3828
20 x 80 $1,200 - $2,000 $6879

Event tent rentals are obviously going to be much less than actually buying the tent, as you are borrowing a product from a rental company and will not be able to use it again afterwards. Looking at the cost alone, you’re likely best off opting to rent a tent if you are only putting on a one-time event, like a wedding or large family reunion.

It is important to consider if you can use your event tent in the future, because this is when purchasing your tent can save you a lot of money in the long-run. Purchasing your own event tent will be a higher cost up front, but you’ll end up with a product you can use again and again for years. The cost of tent rentals can add up very quickly, and you can’t beat the ease of having an event tent always ready for any outdoor gathering or last-minute meeting or event.


The wonderful thing about most event tents, rentals or purchased, is that they offer a clean, blank slate to build any kind of atmosphere you want in your tent. However, this can get a bit tricky when you’re decorating a rental tent, versus one that you own.

custom event tent

Like any rented product, renting an event tent usually entails signing a contract and even paying a security deposit in some cases, to ensure that any damage caused to the tent will fall on you, the renter, and not the rental company. This means you’ll have to be much more careful about the decorations you use in your tent. Even something as simple as a stain from decor that got wet, or sticky residue or tears from hanging decorations, could incur a hefty fee when it comes time to return the tent.

When you purchase an event tent, you will have free reign to decorate and design your event tent any way you’d like. At American Tent, we proudly create fully-customizable tents for our customers, including screen printing logos and other designs on the tent fabric. This means that a purchased tent has great marketing and branding potential, which is more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Ease of Use

When it comes to the uses for event tent rentals vs. a wholesale event tent for sale, there aren’t many differences. Unless your rental company has specific rules on when and where you can use your tent, both options will work for your outdoor event. What really makes a difference is the ease-of-use between these two options.

In general, using a rental event tent is typically the easiest option if you’re looking for a stress-free event. Couples planning weddings and others putting on simple one-off events generally go for rental tent companies because they often offer packages to put the tent together and take it down when the event is over. If you’re planning to use your event tent on multiple occasions, it can be much easier having an event tent on hand.

The best part of having an event tent of your own is your ease-of-access to the tent. You can’t simply find a rental tent company to help you host a last-minute event without the proper planning ahead of time, but having your own event tent means you’ll always have a go-to venue on hand to bring out for any unexpected events. When you have your own event tent, you’ll realize how often they come in handy.

party tent without sidewalls

Post-Event Considerations

Additional Costs

Don’t forget these additional event costs that typically come with using an event tent for an outdoor venue, as these may help you determine whether or not it makes financial sense for you to buy or rent your event tent:

  • Set-up & Tear-down - most event tent rental companies charge a set-up and tear-down fee, and you’ll certainly want to choose this option for a wedding or other big event when you don’t want to be bothered by the stress of setting up your venue.
  • Sidewalls - Sidewalls class up your event tent and can be an additional charge for each panel ordered for your tent.
  • Flooring - flooring is essential for event tents on soft grass or other grounds that don’t work well for the interior of your event; it’s important to know how much flooring you’ll want, as this can drastically change the price of your total rental.
  • Heating/Cooling - your event tent isn’t the only way to protect your guests from harsh weather conditions; keep in mind that you might need to add industrial fans or heaters to the interior of your tent to help guests stay comfortable during your event.

Renting vs. Buying: Overall

When it comes to putting on an amazing outdoor event for your wedding, graduation celebration, corporate gathering or more, you can never go wrong with an event tent! If it’s your first time looking to use an event tent and/or need a simple, stress-free experience, there are many rental companies out there to help make your day perfect with an event tent rental. While purchasing a wholesale event tent for sale can be a big investment, having an event tent on hand is the perfect way to be prepared for any outdoor event that comes your way. To get your own event tent, you can contact us, and we will be happy to help you by offering one of our best-quality event tents that completely meets your needs. No matter which way you end up getting your event tent, you’re bound to have an amazing day. Happy planning!

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