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Confidence is key, and when your sports organization chooses America Tent, you can be sure you’ll look sharp, win or lose.

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American Tent is your best choice for party tent manufacturing if:

You want a team you can trust

Relationships are important to you

Quality and durability aren’t “nice-to-haves,” they’re “must haves”

You want the biggest ROI for your tent-buying dollar

Quick, accurate, and accessible purchasing information is important to you

You value American-made craftsmanship and support American manufacturing 

Clients love us--and we love our clients. In fact, the majority of our clients turn into lifelong partners of American Tent, relying on our tents again and again. Whether it’s just a few sidewalls or a custom tent for your dream team, we love helping our clients find solutions that work for them. 

We proudly stand behind each product we make. We live and breathe tents and are always ready to answer any questions you might have.

Have questions about our tents?

Have questions about our tents?

Call our sales manager Jake here in the office at 920.431.0938. He is ready with tent purchasing advice as well as weight lifting schedules, business book recommendations, and a list of the best places to tailgate before Green Bay football games.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tents for Pro & Recreational Sports

How to choose a tent for sporting events?

American Tent is here to help you choose a tent for sporting events by making sure you know exactly what you need - and exactly what you’re getting. It’s important to factor in where the tent will be set up, the length of use, and how many people you’d like for it to shelter. Give us a call, chat, or email, and our team at American Tent will help your team get just the right tent.

What size of a tent do I need for sporting events?

Having the right size of a tent is important to make your sporting events memorable and enjoyable. Are you sheltering teams, spectators, or both? Consider also if you’ll want sidewalls to protect from the elements. Think about all these factors and then give us a call. We’ll make your sporting event tents a slam dunk.

What tents are best for sporting events?

The best tents for sporting events are the tents you choose yourself! American Tent is here to help you find just the right tent for your sporting event. We’ll take into account factors including venue, number of people, and location to make sure you have the best tent for your sporting event.

Can American Tent manufacture custom size sports tents?

American Tent can manufacture custom size sports tents for whatever the need! We also can design a tent with your team’s logo on it. The possibilities are almost endless when you choose American Tent.

Can I use canopy tents for sporting events?

Using canopy tents for sporting events is a great idea under most circumstances. You should consider weather and the surface the tents will be on before making the decision for sure. American Tent can help you find the best canopy tent for sporting events - just call, click, or email to learn more.

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