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September 30, 2020Best In Tents

There are many ways to anchor a tent. Some of them are good, some of them are very bad. We chatted with Pete McVey here at American Tent HQ and discussed what are the best ways to secure an event tent. We are pleased to share some tips about how to anchor your tent the best and safest way.

How to Secure Your Tent

Ideally, you want to be able to drive a stake into the ground and then anchor to the event tent with a web guy and some sort of a tensioning device.

Safety first. You need to drive a stake into the ground well after you've called Diggers hotline and confirmed that you're able to do so correctly.

The second thing is sometimes you may not be able to, you may be setting up on a pavement surface. They don't want you to puncture. You may be setting up on a green or brownfield reclamation area where you can't puncture the dirt because there's pollution underneath, that type of thing. That leads to dead weighting.

Deadweights for Tent Anchoring

There are many ways to do dead weighting. Some of them use concrete, some of them use water. There are safe ways to do water and there are very bad ways to do water. We at American Tent have one of the best systems for small tents for anchoring with water-the Giffy Ballasts system.

Giffy Ballasts for Tent Anchoring

The advantages to this system:

  • it's light
  • compact
  • easily transportable

These are all things that go against concrete:

  • heavy
  • hard to transport
  • expensive to move.

The ballast system that we at American Tent offer to our customers is wonderful in that it creates a triangle. The strongest geometric function in the world is a triangle. The way it attaches to the tent is a triangle.

And when you fill the Giffy ballasts with water, they have places to put flower pots and decorations. You can dress them up, they don't have to just be a big water bath.

Tent Anchoring

Ballasting is fine on tents if providing it is done the right way. 55-gallon drums of water, 5-gallon pails of water, cinder blocks - things like those are all wrong and should not be used at all in a tent.

The two ways to choose from when securing a tent are staking or ballasting - if the ballasting is done completely correct. Staking is the first recommended way to hold these tents down.

You can also use a combination. You can also mix stakes and ballasts anywhere you want on the tent providing, again, it's done correctly.


We will be the happiest people in the world if these tips help you use your tent more safely. And if you need to buy an event tent, we are always here to help you choose from a great selection of high-quality USA-made tents. Just give us a call and get a tent of your dreams!

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