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November 12, 2021Taking Care

How to Organize a Safe Outdoor Event

Large outdoor events have been put on hold for quite some time now due to COVID-19. While widespread access to the vaccine has allowed in-person gatherings to begin again, these events will not necessarily be the same as they once were. The threat of contracting and spreading COVID is still active, and many are still wary of in-person events, for good reason.

However, it’s also vital for people to once again be able to interact in-person. Sheltering in-places for months at a time and being isolated for so long can have devastating effects for many. It is essential for individuals to be able to see their loved ones and participate in events with other individuals, as much as it is safely possible. Luckily, there are steps event organizers can take to ensure outside events can be possible and safe in our post-pandemic world.

Safety precautions at any large gathering of people nowadays should likely go above and beyond current CDC guidelines. Why? Because attendees will be expecting it. The sanitation and safety measures put in place during the pandemic shouldn’t simply go away. Event organizers can put attendees’ fears at ease by keeping these extra measures in place to ensure everyone’s safety. Keep reading to learn how you can throw a fun, safe, post-pandemic outdoor event.

Why Are Outdoor Events More Preferable

Outdoor Events The Post Pandemic Guide

There are many considerations to keep in mind when it comes to planning a safe event post-pandemic. One of the most important questions you’ll need to ask yourself is where you should have your event. If you want to have the safest and most carefree event possible, you should consider an outdoors event.

CDC guidelines still recommend that people socially distance (staying six feet apart) in large groups, which may be difficult or impossible in an indoor venue. An outdoor event will give you the space you need to host a safe event where attendees will have room to properly socially distance themselves. Outdoor events planning has various benefits beyond post-pandemic safety, too.

Here are some frequent challenges event planners face when utilizing an indoor venue:

  • Having to adhere to strict venue guidelines which can include inconvenient setup and takedown times, being forced to work with approved vendors, facing hefty fines for any damage done because of decorations or accidental spills, regulations on how loud you can play music, and much more;
  • Interior design that does not fit the style of your event and cannot be changed;
  • Unanticipated calculations close to the day of your event due to inaccurate booking or lost paperwork on the venue’s end;
  • Parking issues for attendees if the venue doesn’t have designated parking;
  • Smaller spaces that quickly become overcrowded, hot, and uncomfortable for attendees.

Hosting your post-pandemic event outdoors comes with many benefits, including: 

  • Ample space for guests and vendors to properly socially distance
  • Natural scenery that can serve as decor with no extra cost
  • Ability to heat and/or cool your event as you wish
  • And more!

An outdoor event is a perfect way to get back into celebrating post-pandemic but keep in mind it’s still important to shelter your guests. Weather can be volatile even in the most temperate climates, and it’s important to be prepared with an event tent. Canopy tents for outside not only look beautiful but help keep your guests safe and comfortable throughout your outdoor event.

What Changes to Expect in Event Planning?

Event Planning Changes Post Pandemic

Post-pandemic gatherings will look much different than they did before COVID-19, and will likely continue this way for the foreseeable future. The increased safety, cleanliness, and sanitation procedures put in place during the pandemic need to be adapted and included in your event planning procedure. The following are a few of the changes most likely to expect in event planning due to the pandemic.

How Has The Planning of Traditional Events Changed?

Traditional outdoor events like weddings, shows, festivals, and more are all going to change due to current and future restrictions. Current CDC guidelines regarding in-person events include continuing to social distance, wearing masks, and staying home if one is feeling sick. They also stress the vital role event organizers play in keeping venues sanitary and well-regulated.

What does this mean for event organizers?

  • Venues will need to provide more space per person to allow for proper social distancing. Keep in mind this will mean either inviting fewer people than your event tent capacity allows for, or investing in a larger event tent for your outdoor event;
  • High-traffic areas like bathrooms and food stations should be monitored to prevent crowds;
  • Guidelines should be shared with attendees before the event and regulated during the event;
  • Protective supplies like masks and hand sanitizer should be provided.

Virtual and Hybrid Events Planning

Many event organizers will embrace the new world of virtual events. With the help of Zoom and other video chat platforms, events can be hosted completely virtually, or as a hybrid event. Hybrid events can be the best of both worlds when you want to host an unforgettable event and invite as many people as possible. With some in-person attendees at your actual event and others participating through video, you can create a truly unique event.

Hybrid events can actually be more efficient than fully virtual ones, too. In-person attendees add to the overall event and help to make it feel less like sitting in a room alone for virtual attendees. There is also less of a chance for tech issues and videos crashing when fewer people are attending virtually, and the event is being run in person.

No matter what kind of hybrid event you are planning, it’s still essential to prepare the perfect venue. Covered tents can be perfect for these events because they give ample space for both in-person attendees, and for capturing the venue for those attending virtually. Tents can also help to make it feel more like a real getaway for everyone involved, instead of being trapped in yet another room.

Hygiene and Sanitation Restrictions

The increased CDC guidelines for outdoor gatherings likely won’t be going away any time soon. Event attendees will expect that venues have the necessary setup to keep themselves clean, as well as the spaces around them. Every venue should have clean restrooms where attendees can properly wash their hands with soap and water. Additional resources like hand sanitizer and face masks will also be largely expected by attendees at any large event.

Keeping an indoor event up to these high sanitation requirements may be tricky. It can be difficult to know for sure whether or not the venue will have properly stocked its bathrooms and other public areas before the event. You don’t want to be left reeling looking for a refill on soap dispensers hours or minutes before your event.

Event tents are the perfect solution to provide a beautiful venue for your guests that easily accommodates these sanitation requirements. There are a number of large canopy tents for sale that allow for the space you need and can be easily cleaned at the end of the night. Just remember to add hand sanitizer to every tent you use at your event! Guests shouldn’t have to hunt for sanitation resources.

More Pre-Screening Is Needed

Despite the best efforts of event organizers, there is still a risk that attendees will catch and/or spread the virus at the event. No amount of preparation and harm reduction will be 100% effective if someone with COVID-19 comes to the event. This is why it’s absolutely vital to ensure you pre-screen attendees before your event.

It’s likely out of the question to personally test each of your event attendees for COVID-19 before the event. This would not only take a lot of time and money, but the tests would have to be taken well in advance in order to get negative test results back. However, there are multiple factors you can pre-screen attendees for in order to ensure everyone is safe.

Hiring healthcare professionals to screen for high temperatures and other common symptoms of COVID-19 can be extremely beneficial. Including a medical screening tent for these screenings will make the process seamless, and guests won’t have to wait outside in the heat or cold before getting into the event. Make sure to have a plan in place for attendees who don’t feel well the day of the event or don’t pass their pre-screen. You don’t want other attendees put at risk simply because someone was afraid of losing the money they spent on the event.

How Did The Process of Choosing a Tent Change?

Choosing a Tent Duing Post Pandemic

As regulations continue to become less strict in many areas, large events will become more and more popular. Many party organizers will opt for outdoor events where they can have all the space they need to allow for social distancing. Event tents will be more in demand than ever as event planners search for adequate outdoor shelter.

If you plan to utilize canopies and tents at your event, whether as venues, screening tents, or both, it’s important you get an early start on your search. Event tents may quickly sell out, and reservations will be made further out with rental companies. Plan as far ahead as you can to choose which kind of event tent you want, what size you’ll need for your event, and whether you want to rent or buy. Renting may be a better option simply because you may need a much larger tent than usual, which may exceed your budget if you buy your tent.

With so many regulations changing and the need for more space in your event tent, it can be difficult knowing which style and size tent will be best for your event. Here at American Tent, we’ve helped countless businesses and individuals determine which tent will be the best for their event and the number of their attendees. You can view our full inventory of high-quality event tents online, and our team is ready to assist you in your search. Contact us today to find the perfect tent for your event.

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