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June 22, 2021Taking Care

Medical Screening Tent

With many hospitals reaching capacity and struggling to treat patients with and without COVID-19 during this unprecedented time, many were and still are scrambling for a solution. Solving the problem of quarantining potential carriers as well as dwindling room inside hospitals, many healthcare providers have utilized medical quarantine tents during this time. Keep reading to learn more about our high-quality tents and how a medical screening tent can help you during COVID-19 and beyond. 

What Is a Medical Examination Tent?

What Is a Medical Examination Tent

A medical examination tent is a convenient, versatile solution to address the growing needs of hospitals and patients in any situation. Because they are so versatile, they have been used in many different capacities, from providing a testing area, quarantined space, outdoor check-in or waiting rooms, and much more.

Medical examination tents have been a common solution for many hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only do they help hospitals and staff keep everyone safely quarantined, but these tents have also been used as testing sites, rest places outside of the hospital for healthcare staff, and more.

Types of Screening Tents

Types of Screening Tents

Medical tents are some of the most versatile tools you can use to address different problems that arise in your hospital or organization. With different sizes and styles available for your portable medical tent, there are endless opportunities to utilize them to help during COVID-19.

Small Pop Up Screening Tent

Our smaller-sized pop-up tents will allow you to create a safe, small screening area to set up testing for COVID-19. Because they are so easy to set up with just one or two people, these tents offer the ultimate convenience so you can get to assisting patients quickly and efficiently. 

Large Screening Tent

Of course, a small screening tent won’t work for large hospitals or locations, expecting a large influx of people needing to get tested for COVID-19. If you need a large screening tent that can accommodate many healthcare staff and patients at a safe distance, a larger frame tent can be the perfect option. 

Drive-Through Screening Tent

A drive-through screening tent allows you to test individuals without ever requiring them to leave their car, offering more convenience and a level of safety for patients and healthcare staff alike. You’ll want a longer tent, like our 15x30 frame tent, which will provide enough room for a car to pass through while healthcare staff proceeds with testing. 

Where and How Can Screening Tents Be Used?

Where and How Can Screening Tents Be Used

Your portable medical tent can be used for far more than just COVID-19 testing or quarantine areas. In this unprecedented time, there are many hospitals using medical tents in unique ways. Here are some of the most popular applications we have seen for portable medical tents: 

Screening Area

Of course, the most popular use of medical tents throughout COVID-19 have been as screening areas, both at hospitals and public testing areas like schools and more. Medical tents make wonderful testing areas because they keep everyone covered and safe while also being open-air and making it easier to ensure everyone is following social-distancing procedures.

Check-In Areas

Medical tents can help decrease the amount of people inside of the building by providing an area for check-in. This can help keep administrative staff outside of the more dangerous areas of the hospital with affected COVID-19 patients and can help intake patients without exposing them any longer than necessary. 

Staff Room

Hospital staff needs a place to wind down and take breaks now more than ever, which can be impossible in an overcrowded hospital impacted by COVID-19. Portable medical tents can provide a safer, more relaxing staff room away from affected patients where staff can relax as needed. 

Waiting Rooms

Having many patients possibly carrying COVID-19 all in the same small waiting room is no longer safe, so a medical tent can help solve this problem. An outdoor waiting room can be created, allowing more space for patients to socially distance in a safe place before their appointment.

Staging Areas

With hospitals overcrowded during COVID-19, you may need an extra staging area where you can prepare triage items and store medical equipment and supplies that can be ready immediately in response to emergency situations. 


COVID-19 has put a strain on hospitals and healthcare staff more so than we have seen in recent years, but there doesn’t have to be chaos. Medical tents can help you respond to the many challenges this pandemic has brought and allow you to be prepared for future disasters and emergency situations. If you are ready to find a high-quality medical tent, take a look at our high-quality products to find the perfect tent for your needs. 

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