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April 22, 2022Taking Care

easter partyResurrection Sunday is an extra special day for Christians around the world. Even for those who don’t observe the religious holiday, an Easter party is still a wonderful way to gather with family and friends. American Tent knows hosting an Easter-themed party will be a breeze with just a little bit of planning. 

1.Think About The Venue

Planning an outdoor Easter party begins with finding the perfect venue. Where would you like to host your event? If you attend an Easter service and your church has plenty of outdoor space, that may be a good spot. Local parks and nature preserves may also allow you to reserve space for a small fee or even for free. If you’re lucky enough to have a big backyard, you could even host an Easter party right in your backyard. Just make sure that you have enough space for a tent. Also, check with local officials to make sure you don’t need a permit. Since the ground can be wet from the spring thaw and April showers, make sure your location has ample drainage. You’ll want to select the right tent for your garden dinner party. Make sure you consider the number of guests, seating arrangements, and other party activities.

2. Send Out Your Invites

Be sure to send out your Easter party invitations well in advance. Include all of the details in your invitation, including:

  • Time, date, and location.
  • Dress recommendations: formal or casual.
  • Suggestions for a dish to pass or other items you’d like guests to bring.
  • Request for any dietary restrictions and allergies.
  • An itinerary of events, such as planned activities like games or an Easter Egg hunt
  • RSVP instructions.

You can email invitations or set up an event on Facebook to track guests. Or, if you want to make a bigger impression on your guests, go the old-fashioned route and mail handmade invitations to your guests. 

3. Prepare Seating, Tables, and Linens

easter party ideas

When planning your garden dinner party, be sure to think carefully about seating arrangements, because that will help determine what size tent you will need. Do you want banquet seating or separate round tables? If you expect a lot of children to attend you may want to have separate kid tables with Easter coloring books and crayons to keep them busy. Other Easter party ideas include a buffet table so guests can fill up their plates. Finally, have fun with your table settings! Bouquets of colorful fresh tulips or crisp white Easter lilies are classic centerpieces.

4. Consider Heating

When compiling your list of Easter party supplies, don’t forget about heating your tent. That’s right; unfortunately, Easter is often chilly. In fact, people in some regions often wake up to find snow on the ground on Easter morning. Experts like the team at American Tent can help you determine not only the best tent for your event, but they can also guide the best heating options for your party tent. Tent sidewalls and tent flooring can also help ensure the comfort of your guests, no matter what mother nature has in mind.

5. Decide on Easter Food

No Easter celebration is complete without an Easter feast! If you’re planning a brunch, Easter party food ideas include:

  • Egg bakes or quiches with ham, cheese, broccoli, or other favorite veggies.
  • Pancakes or waffles.
  • Fresh fruit.
  • Hard-boiled eggs.
  • Baked foods, like sticky buns or blueberry muffins.

For luncheon or dinner Easter celebrations, consider the following Easter menu:

  • Ham - the traditional favorite!
  • Seven-layer salad.
  • Warm buns with butter.
  • Steamed vegetables such as asparagus or green beans.
  • Baked, mashed, or au gratin potatoes.

Of course, the most exciting part of an Easter feast is the sweets at the end! Our favorite Easter dessert items include:

  • Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.
  • Lemon frosted cupcakes.
  • Cheesecake topped with cherries or blueberries.
  • Angel food cake.
  • Vanilla Easter bunny cake.
  • Easter egg frosted sugar cookies.

6. Easter Party Themes, Decorations, and Accessories

easter party decorations

When choosing Easter party decorations, the options can seem overwhelming. It’s helpful to first think about the theme of your event and your plans for the day.

Easter Brunch Party: If you’re hosting Easter brunch, a garden theme will help you narrow down your decor options. Easter party decorations, like fresh flowers and colorful table runners, will add a festive touch. A buffet works best for brunch, allowing guests to fill (and refill) their plates at leisure. Keep it simple with a coffee station and pitchers of ice water on the tables.  

Easter Egg Party: This theme is geared more towards the kids (or those who are kids at heart). Easter egg balloons add whimsy and make perfect party favors for little ones. Small bunnies make cute centerpieces that your guests will also be happy to take home.

Easter Dinner Party: If your Easter party yard tent decoration ideas are a bit more formal, consider hosting a fancy Easter dinner party. Instruct guests to dress in their Sunday best and set a formal table with crisp white tablecloths and fragrant hyacinth bouquets.

7. Get Ready with Easter Games and Activities

After the Easter feast, it’s time for Easter festivities! Planning Easter party games is almost as fun as playing them! After your guests fill up their bellies, get them on their feet with our favorite Easter party game ideas:

  • Easter egg hunt.
  • Pin the tail on the bunny.
  • Cornhole.
  • Badminton.
  • Egg in spoon race.
  • Three-legged hop race.
  • Bunny pinata. 

If the weather is keeping you inside your Easter tent, no worries! Here are some indoor game ideas:

  • Easter word find.
  • Easter word jumble.
  • Easter trivia.
  • Easter bingo.
  • Easter charades.
  • Easter cookie and egg decorating.


Prepping your party tent for Easter will ensure a fun and festive holiday. At American Tent, we are passionate about helping make the most of every celebration. Contact us today to get started planning the perfect tent party of your dreams.

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