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March 12, 2020American Tent Life

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has arrived in the United States. 

These are scary, uncertain times, but the medical community is doing everything it can to stop the spread of the virus. And the tent world has their back.

  • When waiting rooms are overwhelmed or when it's not safe to go inside, an emergency shelter tent set up in your facility's parking lot can be a major help.
  • Drive up testing is made easier when you have a dependable medical tent, a safe distance away from emergency rooms.
  • Tenting medical provides safe and well ventilated break rooms for doctors and other medical staff working hard and long hours. 

Emergency medical tent

American Tent portable medical tents for sale are the solution for these emergency situations. Our 20' wide and 30' wide series of frame tents can be set up quickly and easily, with minimal equipment and personnel. The above image is a rendering we did today for a drive though testing site. Other reasons our tents are the smart choice include:  

  • Depending on the size, these emergency medical tents can provide shelter and space for dozens of people--or supplies.
  • No need to worry about pounding stakes into your parking lot or what happens if the wind picks up: Our Giffy Ballasting System makes sure your tent stays safe and secure.
  • Our tents are high quality, reliable, and made to be easily set up and taken down--plus, they are compact so they are easily shipped and stored.

Emergency shelter tent

One of the best parts about being a tent manufacturing company is that the majority of our time is spent on happy things: We research what's trending for weddings, create the perfect custom tent for a backyard celebration, and help our clients get just what they need to dazzle their customers. After all, what's a party without a tent?

These days the question has changed. Now we ask "How can we help?" 

We hope to be back focusing on the joyous aspects of tent manufacturing soon enough. Until then, we wish everyone the best as our country finds a path out of this pandemic. Wash your hands, avoid crowds, and be kind--see you under healthier circumstances soon. 

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