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August 08, 2022Taking Care

Can I get an amen? Church doesn’t have to be a stiff and stuffy occasion. Tent meeting revival preaching goes far back in the history of the American church. You don’t have to live in the bible belt to enjoy tent church. Keep reading to learn more about how to plan a tent revival! 

What Is a Tent Revival? 

Traditionally, a tent meeting is basically an outdoor gathering of people of faith. The tent preacher would lead the service with often passionate and emotional sermons. The purpose was to revive the faithful and bring new members to the church.

What Happens at a Tent Revival?

Tent revivals today can range from solemn to theatrical to slightly humorous, depending on the style of tent revival preaching. Worshippers may sing hymns and the service will likely open and end with prayer.

9 Steps to Take to Prepare for Church Revival Meetings

When thinking about how to organize a tent revival, keep in mind the objectives of the event. A revival is meant to renew spiritual devotion, inspire non-believers in such a way that leads them to the church and bring people together in faith.

#1 Pick a Date

Sunday is the traditional day for church service, but you may choose to host a revival on any day, and really, at any time. Be sure to choose a date that isn’t a holiday and that doesn’t coincide with other local events or church services. Remember that the goal is to attract as many worshippers as possible.

#2 Contact Local Zoning Officials

Depending on where you plan to have your revival worship service, you may need to obtain a permit. Even if you have a private venue, such as on church property, you still should check on city ordinances for noise or large gatherings. Following ordinances is important for both compliance, and often, the safety of your guests.

#3 Invite a Guest Speaker 

tent meeting revival

If you want to attract a crowd, book one or more guest speakers, the more well-known the better! Be sure to make arrangements well in advance, since excellent speakers are often in demand. Consider your guest speaker in your budget as well, since out of town speakers may expect you to pay for accommodations and other travel costs.

#4 Getting Ready  

Give yourself plenty of time to plan your revival. You’ll need to get a headcount in advance for chair rentals, so be sure to ask guests to RSVP. You might also want to order fresh floral arrangements for decor. Since music is such an important part of tent revivals, be sure to plan for a piano or keyboard, and song leader. If your church has a choir, schedule special practices before the event. 

#5 Purchase or Rent a Tent and Recruit Workers

Generally speaking, the pastor or preacher is in charge of planning for a church revival. But elders, deacons, and other church leaders can help alleviate some of that burden by pitching and helping with revival tent rental. American Tent has a huge variety of quality revival tents for rent and we’re always happy to help you find the perfect worship tent. 

#6 Preparing the Venue

After you’ve chosen your guest evangelist(s) and made arrangements for seating and tent rental, it’s time to prepare your revival venue. According to revival experts, other important ways to prepare include:

  • Prayers from the pastor and parishioners
  • Check microphone, speakers, and other equipment prior to the event
  • Recruit ushers to help seat guests.

#7 Promote the Revival 

To ensure a successful event, start promoting early. As soon as you set the date, mark it on your church calendar and website. Ask your worshippers to share the event with friends, neighbors, and on social media. A little friendly competition never hurts either. Create a contest to see who can bring the most guests to the revival with a prize.

#8 Prepare the Revival Program

tent preacher

The first thing that everyone expects when they walk into church is a warm welcome and a program. Most revival schedules include:

  • Title or theme
  • Opening prayer
  • Hymns
  • Bible verses
  • Sermon
  • Invitation
  • Closing prayer
  • Closing hymn.

#9 Plan for Follow Up 

After the revival, you should follow up with your worshippers. Capture their contact information with a guest book when they enter or provide contact forms on each seat. If budget allows, include pens branded with your church name and contact information. Within a week after the event, send out a thank note and invitation to attend regular Sunday services.

Our Best Church Revival Tents

At American Tent, we love to help our customers find the perfect tent for their events. Our customer service team is ready to help you plan your next church revival. 

20x20 Frame Tent

Our 20-by-20 frame tent boasts 400 square feet of usable, open space. Its compact size makes setting up and taking down easy. For a cozy revival, our 20x20 frame tents will have worshippers singing praises.

40x60 Frame Tent

Expecting a crowd? Our 40-by-60 frame tent will give worshippers plenty of elbow room. Like all of our frame tents, our 40x60 tents are made right here in the heartland of the USA.

30x60 Frame Tent

Rain or shine, your guests will be ready for the revival under our 30-by-60 frame tents. With 2,400 square feet of worship space, your revival tent may become your parishioner's favorite place to worship.


Whether you’re planning a revival, church picnic, vacation bible school, or prayer meeting, American Tent has quality, customizable tents for every need. For help finding the perfect tent for your next church event, contact us today.

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