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Premium Colorful Striped Tents For Sale

Don’t be afraid to show your true colors! We have an array of high-quality fabric color options to perfectly match your brand’s color palette. Choose one color to be the star of the show or pick multiple to create a striped look. 

Our talented manufacturing team can help you achieve your vision. American Tent customers have taken advantage of vast color options to create: circus-themed red and white tents, modern black and white canopies, striped gazebo tents for neighborhood gatherings, and so much more. Take it a step further and add your company logo to your colored tent using our full color printing process. 

Check out our custom colored/striped tents:

Full Color Tent Fabrics and Threads

Create a lasting impression with the perfect full color custom tent to meet your needs. Available colors include, red, blue, green, gray, tan, yellow, orange, black, and white. These color vinyl options are available for tent roofs and sidewalls. Our talented sales reps can identify current in-stock color options and provide one-on-one customer service. Get the most out of your investment with our commercial grade materials. Our custom tents are manufactured with top quality fire-retardant vinyl. The tent top fabric is also waterproof and UV-resistant to allow the tent top to last for the long term.

Color Event Tent Frame

Our colorful party tents are complemented by our durable poles and accessories to create a beautiful tent that can withstand weather elements. Anti-rust anodized aluminum poles will keep your tent frame looking fresh throughout the season. Our frame tents utilize galvanized steel fittings to add strength to your commercial grade tent.

Custom Striped Canopy Tent Sizes & Types

American Tent proudly offers a wide variety of tent sizes. Don’t see the size you are looking for? Not a problem! Our committed manufacturing team can build a custom sized tent to perfectly fit your event space. From a 10x10 full color event tent to a 20x30 striped pole tent, we can help you achieve the perfect tent for your next event.

Customized Color Tents for Every Occasion and Event

Take your upcoming event to the next level with an eye-catching custom colored tent. This visually appealing display is sure to attract interested guests at your next trade show, farmers market, sporting event, or fundraiser. Our solid color and striped tents have seen success across a number of industries. Consider a striped circus tent or a patriotic red, white, and blue tent for annual firework sales.

Why Choose Premium Full-Color Tents From American Tent?

When creating a custom event tent, you want a partner you can trust. Look no further than American Tent. 

  • We are knowledgeable. Our award winning customer service will make your tent purchasing experience a breeze while ensuring all questions are answered. 
  • We are close by. Dealing with an overseas manufacturer can be costly and time consuming. American Tent is proudly located in Green Bay, WI so we are only ever a time zone or two away.
  • We are innovative. Creating ways to customize our existing products to meet the evolving needs of consumers.
  • We are committed. American Tent strives for continuous improvement while ensuring all tents are manufactured with care and high-quality materials.
Contact Us for Striped Tents & Canopies For Sale and Help

Contact Us for Striped Tents & Canopies For Sale and Help

Don’t be shy! Collaborate with our educated sales representatives to create your one-of-a-kind custom tent.

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